Construction of "No Waste City" | Gongsongling City to create a "non -waste city" propaganda atmosphere to promote the construction of "non -waste cities"

  In order to thoroughly implement the idea of ​​the highest leader’s ecological civilization, adhere to the development of green and low -carbon cycles, and profoundly grasp the new requirements and new concepts of the economic and social development and urban construction of the Gongzhuling.And all -round, multi -perspective, and high -density publicity reports, focus on improving citizens who are “non -waste cities” construction and social participation, form a continuous concentration and orgasm creation of public opinion atmosphere, promote various tasks of “non -waste cities”.Go smoothly.

  In recent years, Gongling City has organized “non -waste cities” publicity activities throughout the city.In the Gongsingling Daily, the “Gongsingling City Fully Promote the Creation of the” No Thumbs “Creation Accelerated Run” reported that the “Proposal of the” Construction of the “No -Wulled City” Construction of Gongzhuling City “was issued, and a publicity manual was issued.”The timing of activities is widely publicized.Adopt the LED display, posting public welfare advertisements, and rolling promotional slogans to promote guidance in the main transportation gauge, urban -rural binding department, construction site blocking, and passenger vehicle taxis.Through activities such as campus education, speeches, and “small hands and big hands”, various schools make the significance of the construction of “non -waste cities” widely spread among the majority of teachers and students and parents.In the townships and villages, through the hanging banner and setting up publicity columns, etc.Discover treatment and other contents are carried out in a timely manner, bringing the benefits of the construction of “non -waste cities” to the fields.

  In order to improve the attractiveness, appeal, and influence of the creation of “non -waste cities”, Gongzhuling City has identified “legal propaganda” and “triangular management and control” (the source of industrial enterprises, reduced weight, and harmless), “proud of saving as pride)”” Garbage classification “,” use of straw “,” overwing “,” overwing “,” dangerous waste department “,” moral inheritance “, etc., led by various functional departments of the city to mobilize the masses to actively participate and carry out special publicity activities in a timely manner.Up to now, activities such as “energy saving and waste”, “beautiful family” evaluation, “pride and shame” and other activities have played a better education guidance role.

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