incredible!Wenzhou’s ecological county environmental air quality won five provinces in five provinces

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National Ecological County Taishun has achieved good ecological achievements.Recently, the Provincial Office of Beauty Zhejiang Construction Leading Group notified the environmental air quality of Wenzhou from January to March 2024.The results showed that from January to March this year, Taishun County’s environmental air quality comprehensive index 2.27, the comprehensive index changed by -7.72%year-on-year, PM2.5 concentration was changed by -12.5%year-on-year1.1, the above five indicators, Taishun ranks first in the province, and at the same time, it has achieved the “five first” achievements. Taishun is the only one in the province’s counties (cities, districts).
As a national ecological county, green has always been the most vivid background of Taishun.”With the bottom of the ecology, we protect the ecology like protecting our eyes.” The relevant person in charge of the Tai Shun Branch of the Wenzhou Ecological and Environment Bureau said that local relying on “black technology” to empower ecological monitoring, continue to strengthen the supervision of mobile source pollution emission, realize the realizationEnvironmental air quality governance is accurate and efficient.In recent years, Taishun has launched drone inspections, atmospheric VOCS flight monitoring, strengthening the supervision of diesel trucks and non -road mobile machinery emissions, dynamic monitoring of major air quality indicators such as PM2.5, PM10, and O3, and accurately obtain air pollution distributionData information, quickly discover the region and problems of the labeling problem, and achieve precise monitoring of dust pollution sources.
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The first batch of “carbon exchange cities” in the country, the first batch of fresh air demonstration areas in the province … the beautiful “answer sheet” written in the blue sky has driven the “hot air” of the development of Shancheng.Located in the depths of Dashan, Daxiyuan Village, Luoyang Town, Taishun County, combines Taishun Hao Ecology and Butterfly Research to create the first provincial biological diversity experience place in Wenzhou.Shancun, therefore broke the cocoon.As the butterfly Valley experience continues to go out, the annual operating income of the collective economy of Daxiyuan Village has increased to millions of yuan, which also brings the “butterfly effect” of the employment of left -behind villagers’ homes and the “return nest” entrepreneurship.
According to statistics, from January to March this year, Taishun has attracted 6 ecological industrial projects such as Shisongli Tourism Resort Project and Liu Fengjianyun Range Range Range Range Range Range Range Range Development Project, with a total investment of 3.46 billion yuan.
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