The Chinese Scientist Museum will officially open to the public on May 30th

China Youth Daily client, Beijing, May 23 (China Youth Daily · China reporter Wang Xuan reporter Qiu Chenhui) At the “National Science and Technology Worker Day” press conference held today, the Deputy Director of the China Association for Science and Technology Communication CenterMeng Lingyun revealed that on the occasion of the eighth “National Science and Technology Workers Day”, the Chinese Association of Science and Technology will host the “Celebrate National Science and Technology Workers’ Day Home event and the first exhibition ceremony of the Chinese Scientist Museum” on May 30. At that time, the Chinese Scientist MuseumIt will be officially opened to the public.
Meng Lingyun introduced that the total exhibition area of the first exhibition is 5,000 square meters, including 1 main exhibition and 5 special exhibitions, namely “‘Republic’s backbone'” Chinese Scientists Museum Collection Exhibition and Old Scientist Academic Growth Information Collection Engineering Exhibition “”Xu Xiongguo and Zhuangshan River -commemorating Deng Jiaxian’s century birthday exhibition “” Choose -Qian Xuesen’s original intention and belief exhibition “” Return -the 1950s to retain the United States to return home scientists exhibition “” Workers in the country -industrial heritage backgroundThe engineer’s cultural exhibition “” Originally the Topic Exhibition of the 20th Anniversary of the Publishing of “Chinese Plants” “Since the afternoon of May 30, the public can pay attention to the National Science and Technology Communication Center or the WeChat public account of the Chinese Scientist Museum for free appointments.
It is understood that the Chinese Scientist Museum is located in the National Science and Technology Communication Center in the Cultural Communication Zone of the Beijing Olympic Central District. It was established in the world in the world in the name of national scientists.One is committed to becoming a national museum that shows the image of Chinese scientists, promotes the spirit of scientists, and builds the spirit of science and technology workers.
Meng Lingyun revealed that in the next step, the Chinese Scientist Museum will carry out the six functions of collecting historical materials, collecting historical materials, academic research, exhibition display, education and teaching, and cultural publicity.”It is also necessary to focus on strengthening the construction of the scientist museum system, organize the national scientists spiritual education base and related educational research institutions, establish a national scientist museum consortium, promote the coordinated development of the” physical museum, digital museum, local museum ‘, to a broader area, moreLarge -scale and network space expansion, effectively create a good social atmosphere that respects science and advocates innovation.
Source: China Youth Daily Client

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