Undested the traditional show, Alexanderwang "swept" New York with the latest brand logo to reveal the three seasons fashion series

Next year, Alexanderwang is about to usher in the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the brand. At this conference, three series were released with carefully planned show arrangements and unique designs. It is also a performance of further deepening the brand’s new chapter “Legacy 2.0” theme.

This conference was led by Paris Jackson, Slick Woods, Gabriette, Dennis Rodman and other heavy guests to lead the main show style. The matching items came from the brand 2024 early autumn series (Legacy 2.0), the 2024 autumn and winter series (Primal Decadency) and 2025 early spring early spring.Holiday series (META MORPH).

This fashion show was extended from the theme short film “The Garage” of the same name. Under the careful arrangement of social media expert Yulya Shadrinsky, celebrities and models walked in the show, creating a sense of “private salon party”.From the new interpretation of American workers, to the night desert illustrations presented by AI special effects; leather, denim, accessories, shoes to men’s clothing, and a variety of elements and themes blend here -this conference is both Alexanderwang’s brand logo and core core logo and core coreThe praise also shows the retrospective and paid tribute to the past.

As one of the most striking items in this show, the Ricco bag, on the basis of continuing the essence of the brand legendary Rocco bags that has been sought after in the 2010s, renovate and upgrade, and return to the public’s vision.Earlier, Ricco was first launched at the end of April, and it was sold out of the world in just 3.5 hours, which also deepened its position as a brand new classic item.The iconic trapezine metal nails returned with the bag are also widely used in the design of shoes, jackets and accessories.

Alexander Wang Show

The conference was located in the flagship store of Alexanderwang Soho. Under the Crosby Studios operation, this place was renewed into a unique Wang -style mansion -In the “bedroom”, there is a two -person solar bed, and the “living room” is equipped with a fireplace assembled in the car cover, and the ceiling is wrapped over the wire.Kim Cattrall, Ice Spice, ROLA, TinaShe, Tommy Cash, Inez & Vinoodh, Mia Kong, Lydia Liao, Alabama Barker, Richie Shazam, Method Man, and RioT, etc. In addition, Dennis Rodman, Gabriette and Paris JacksonWait for the model to appear on the catwalk.

Ice spice


Kim Cattrall


It is worth mentioning that this press conference released Alexanderwang 2024 early autumn series, 2024 autumn and winter series, and 2025 early spring vacation series, all of which combine the current and future trends and design.These series also marked the establishment of another important milestone in the brand process -under the persistence of the brand kernel, hug and promote every evolution.

The short film “The Garage” has been displayed in the flagship store of Alexanderwang in the flagship store of 103 Grand Street in Alexanderwang on June 7.

During this multi -season series of fashion shows, ELLE also had a dialogue with Alexander Wang himself (hereinafter referred to as AW).Regarding the stories behind this breakthrough release show, and an important moment when the brand is about to usher in the 20th anniversary of the establishment, Alexander Wang has given its own interpretation and views.

ELLE: What are the reasons for the launch of 3 series in this fashion conference “The Garage”?What do you think is different from the form of this show?

AW: For the Alexanderwang brand, “change” is our only constant tone.When we leave the regular fashion week itinerary, we have been thinking about how to show our series in a way that subverts the traditional show.The constant attempts to the new form have inspired our inspiration and became our tradition of challenging and reshaping the tradition of the luxury industry.

For me personally, I really want to create some very unique things for the customers of Alexanderwang, so we redesigned the SOHO flagship store and held this fashion conference here, showing the 2024 early autumn and autumn and winter series.It also announced in advance the upcoming 2025 early spring vacation series style.The faces on the show are also style idols in my personal mind. They truly interpreted the core concept of the Alexanderwang brand -their own sharpness, boldness, and rebellion.

Alexanderwang This show’s creative real scene

For the design of this show, part of the CGI is taken in advance (starring the legendary New York Legend Kim Cattrall and Tommy Cash), and some are presented by the real world.Under the performance “stunts” carefully arranged by social celebrity Yulya Shadrinsky, guests who come to the scene can really immerse in our world.The main reason we adopt this form is that we have been thinking: How do brand spirit spread on social media?How to make the Alexanderwang brand’s global community see and participate in the experience?How can we create this conference into a wonderful moment that can continue to exist?

ELLE: This fashion show was planned by social media celebrities Yulya Shadrinsky. In this cooperation, how do you think the brand and her personal style is successfully integrated?

AW: Actually, our cooperation with yulya has been continuing for a while.Her thoughts are always unexpected and novel, and she has a straightforward expression of everything, which undoubtedly enlighten Alexanderwang’s brand spirit.During the cooperation, Yulya and her team showed the essence of Alexanderwang style.

Yulya shadrinsky cooperated with the team to create Alexanderwang this show creative ideas

ELLE: If you use 3 keywords to summarize this show, which 3 words would you use?What do you think of Alexanderwang’s most representative design element?

AW: I will choose gorgeous, subversive, surreal.

And the most representative element, I will vote for the metal hardware details that have been widely used on the show -trapezoidal metal nail.It originated from the Rocco handbag of the Alexanderwang brand (we recently re -launched the Rocco handbag, which is now renamed Ricco), which is an important design element for the brand.We hope to amplify and show the characteristics of the Ricco handbag through each shape on the show.Of course, on this show, it not only appears on our accessories, but also appears on leather jackets and shoes, and even shows the shape elements of Dennis Rodman.Ricco handbags are the style symbols we are proud, and it is of great significance to both brands and our communities.

alexanderwang ricco handbag

ELLE: Will we welcome the 20th anniversary of the brand creation next year. Can you share with us the biggest gains in the past 20 years?What is the most impressive memory?

AW: In addition to passionate work, one of the most important things for me is that I know how to complete a larger “goal”.Over the past five years, we have experienced a huge change, including the impact of the epidemic in the past few years.Our reshaping of the Alexanderwang brand began on the 15th anniversary, and next year will be the 20th anniversary.Last year, we completed the first brand manual. It spent two years to conceive and compile the text.In fact, from the first day of the establishment of the Alexanderwang brand, we have always adhered to the mission declaration of challenging the rules of the luxury industry, and have always been loyal to the concept of “self -confident, vibrant, bold and rebellious”.I have always wanted to challenge those industry routines that create brands. At the same time, I hope to build a bridge between different cultures and gather people in various cultural backgrounds.The original intention has not changed whether it is advertising, fashion shows, brand activities or other aspects.

Alexander Wang himself and the team in front of the show

ELLE: Previously, the Alexanderwang brand had cooperated with Chinese model Liang Xiaoqing, which impressed many Chinese netizens.Do you have some impression of Chinese consumers (especially in generations)?Do you think how can Alexanderwang seize the eyes of Chinese consumers now?

AW: The guests and communities we have in China have always inspired me.I think their worldview, creativity, and influence in leading the trend are unparalleled.

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