Extraordinary!The Dishang Gongtian brand releases the professional workers on the international show

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Qilu.com · Lightning News, March 29th. On March 28, 2024 China International Fashion Week — Shandong Fashion Release Day was launched in Beijing 798 Art District.Four well -known brands including Dishang and Nanshan Zhishang brought 4 brand release shows to show the vitality of the Shandong brand’s innovation.
The Dishang Gongtian Brand was jointly organized by the Dishang Group and the Dichang Gong Innovation Research Institute.The combination of interpretation to the fullest shows the ultimate charm of work in the new era.The theme of the press conference shows the nearly 100 new fashion workers of the three major series of “micro light”, “morning light” and “Heguang” for the audience.
“Our new product series this season pays more attention to the use of this environmental technology -based fabric. It also penetrates into the front line in the early stage to understand their true needs, combine ergonomics and human aesthetics to design, and use deeper emotions to link clothing and labor with more emotionsProvide the most comfortable dress experience for workers from all walks of life. “Wang Shuai, the design director of the R & D Center of Shandong Dishang Professional Works Group Co., Ltd., introduced.
Let the professional workers go to the international show, and make the first -line professional labor people more fashionable, more confident and proud.The core concept of “extraordinary”.
Zhu Hongtao, deputy general manager of Dishang Group and chairman of the Shandong Dishang Professional Works Group, said: “In the future, Dishang Group will insist on the development of the industry with the” intelligence of intelligence “, and continuously build a technological innovation system and build a green ecological supply chain.Accelerate the layout of the domestic equipment industry, actively seize the new track, cultivate new kinetic energy, continuously build the Dissenian workmanship brand, and consolidate the textile power for the new quality productivity of the country. “
Shandong is a major textile and clothing province, and it is also an important gathering place for Chinese textiles and clothing.The Shandong Fashion Release Day event was first held in China International Fashion Week. Four well -known brands showed various innovative products from different design concepts, and jointly demonstrated the fashion power and innovation spirit of Shandong textile and clothing industry.
“Shandong companies are released here, which can combine design with companies in Shandong, deeply integrate, improve the fashion of Shandong products, enhance the reputation of Shandong products between consumers, and promote the Shandong textile and clothing industryHigh -quality development. “Xie Fangming, full -time vice chairman of the China Clothing Designer Association, told reporters.
Wang Miao, vice chairman of the Shandong Textile and Clothing Industry Association, said: “I hope that through the platform of Fashion Week, this huge advantage of Shandong’s strong supply chain and industrial chain can empower the designers in more industrial chains at home and abroad, designers, and designers, andDesigning brand can form a wider and more angle cooperation. “
Lightning News reporter Sai Yuan Sun Yaqian Wang Zhiqin reported

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