Southern Indiana Men’s Basketball vs. Duke University

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The Southern Indiana Screaming Eagles Men’s Basketball team fought hard against the Duke University Blue Devils, leading at the end of the half before falling by a final score of 80-64.

Despite trailing by 36.5 points, the Eagles held the lead against college basketball powerhouse Duke. They even led at halftime, surprising the Cameron Indoor Stadium crowd.

Southern Indiana Men’s Basketball vs. Duke University

However, Duke, led by Jeremy Roach and Kyle Filipovsky, had a great second half. The Blue Devils’ full-court press was suffocating, and they were able to make consecutive free throws.

Although the Eagles ultimately lost the game, they earned themselves the honor of staying competitive with Duke throughout the half. In addition, they received $135,000 for their participation and made a huge splash in front of a national audience.

The game was a valuable experience for the Eagles and it showed that they could compete with the best teams in the country.

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