Work together to create inheritance civilization to lead fashion!Shandong Radio and Television Station, China Silk Road Group, and Needes Polytes Group in France were held in Paris

2 min read · Lightning News On April 30, Shandong Radio and Television, China Silk Road Group, and the Needis Pochon Group in France held a tripartite signing ceremony in Paris, France.Zhou Shengkuo, editor -in -chief of Shandong Radio and Television, Yan Lijin, chairman of China Silk Road Group, and Prince of Needes Po, Chairman of the Needes Penal Group in France signed a cooperation agreement.
The three parties will integrate their respective advantageous resources, promote industrial exchanges and media innovation, and provide audiences and readers with higher quality, richer content and broader communication platforms for the two countries.
At the signing ceremony, the Prince of Needes made a speech and introduced the Bourbon Group and “L’éPoque” (Times) magazine, emphasizing the strategic significance and prospects of the three parties.
In his speech, Zhou Shengkuo said that the cooperation between Shandong Radio and Television and China Silk Road Group and the Needes Bourbal Group in France are Shandong Radio and Television Station to continuously strengthen the cooperation of “friendly media” and expand the “circle of friends” of Shandong International.An important measure of national borders and promoting civilization exchanges and mutual learning.At the same time, it also exported the IP project of the Shandong Radio and Television Brand to Paris, France, France, and jointly organized fashion events and activities to actively serve the interconnection of China -French culture.
In his speech, Yan Lijin said that in the future, the three parties will give play to their respective advantages and actively promote the two countries in cultural exchanges, Shandong Radio and Television KSD series activities, integration media cooperation, international brand operation, international cultural heritage protection and digital transactions, copyright protection, cross -border cross -border, cross -border borderIn -depth cooperation in the fields of e -commerce and international trade.
After the signing ceremony, the three parties held in -depth discussions.The role of patents delivered a keynote speech.
Zhou Shengkuo and Yan Lijin respectively exchanged for the two -way trade of China -French fashion culture and brand markets in the mainstream environment and main trends of international communication, the two -way trade activities of Sino -French fashion culture and brand markets in 2024, jointly organizing Sino -French fashion activities, international cultural exchanges and competitions.Essence
Relevant personnel of Shandong Radio and Television attended the meeting.

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