AI applications have erupted throughout the board, fintech may it be the first to be fulfilled?Taklez rose more than 9%, Fintech ETF (159851) closed up 1.73%

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On Wednesday (March 20, 2024), the market rebounded throughout the day, the Shanghai index led the rise, and the turnover of the two cities was still above trillion yuan.On the market, the direction of AI applications erupted.The fintech sector focused on AI finance opened high throughout the day, and the CSI Financial Technology Theme Index closed up 1.72%.The large area of ingredients stocks fluttered, new software, Topans, etc. rose more than 9%, Haofeng Technology rose more than 7%, and Xinchen Technology rose more than 6%.

In terms of popular ETFs, Fintech ETF (159851) has further expanded this afternoon, and the price of the on -site price rose 1.73%, and the overall turnover exceeded 31 million yuan.Looking at the long time, since the rebound of Fintech on February 6, the increase has increased. As of March 20, the subject index of Fintech ETF (159851) has rebounded over 34%, which is a well -deserved rebound pioneer!

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From the perspective of industry analysis, the fintech sector may continue to be catalyzed by two aspects: first, the technology end, the progress of AI is in full swing. As one of the best application scenarios in the field of AI applications, AI+Finance may form a bottom trend; the second is the financial end., Regulatory promotion of the supply -side reform of securities firms, the digital transformation of the securities industry has become increasingly accelerating, and fintech is expected to become the core competitiveness.In addition, fintech has continued to receive the attention of secondary market funds.

1. Science and technology end: Domestic AI multi -model continues to break through, and AI+finance may form a bottom trend at the bottom.

On the news, according to media news, Moonshotai, a domestic AI startup, launched the first C -end product “KIMI Smart Assistant” in October 2023, which can support the long text input of 200,000 Chinese characters. As of March this year this yearNearly 30 on the 16th, KIMI smart assistants continued to climb from 75 to 12 in the iPhone efficiency category, which continued to be hot.As one of the best application scenarios of AI, Soochow Securities stated that the traditional financial business is highly related to the market, and AI intervention or forms the bottom trend.

Financial institutions such as traditional securities firms, banks and other financial institutions, due to factors such as assets, liabilities, and risk management, business models are related to the capital market, and all businesses will be directly or indirectly affected by market factors.The development of the development of traditional financial institutions to form a bottom -up trend will bring changes including innovation, improvement of operating efficiency, upgrading risk management capabilities, and improvement of user experience.

2. Financial end: Supervision and promoting the supply -side reform of securities firms, and fintech has become the core competitiveness.

In terms of policies, supervision encourages mergers and acquisitions of securities firms, builds an “aircraft carrier -level” broker, or promotes supply -side reforms.In terms of digital transformation, with the continuous improvement of fintech influence, the digital transformation of the securities industry has gradually accelerated, and the construction of scientific and technological capabilities as the key to improving the core competitiveness of the industry has become the track of the fierce competition of major securities firms.It is expected to benefit in depth.

3. Funding: Funding more, financial technology ETF (159851) has frequently increased capital holdings in the past 5 days.

Data show that recent funds have frequently paid attention to the fintech sector.Fintech ETF (159851) has obtained funds in the past 5th on the 5th, and the largest net subsidy for a single day is 6.39 million yuan.Looking at the long time, the fintech ETF (159851) has received net inflow of funds on the 11th on the 20th, showing funds or long -term optimistic about the performance of the fintech sector.

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Layout computer finance+Internet brokers, related product fintech ETF (159851).According to the data, Fintech ETF (159851) passively track CSI Financial Technology theme index, the index is “elastic”!The largest industry is computers, accounting for about 80%, covering popular themes such as the digital economy, ChatGPT, Xinchuang, and Financial IT.The second largest industry is non -silver finance (mainly Internet brokers), accounting for nearly 14%.Attach a list of top ten rights:

Data sources: Shanghai and Shenzhen Exchange, Wind, etc., as of 2024.3.20.

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