Well -known Chinese athletes: Rejecting to the United States invitation!

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  On March 19, Chinese women’s basketball player Li Meng posted on social media, in order to prepare for the Paris Olympics for the time being, I will not go to the WNBA mysterious people to prepare for the new season.

Well -known Chinese athletes: Rejecting to the United States invitation!

  The full text is as follows:

  ”First of all, thanks to the recognition and invitation of my mysterious people team in Washington. In 2023, in the first season of my WNBA career, I spent a pleasant and harvesting time with you. Thank you for all the coaches.The group guidance for me, thanked my teammates for helping me, and thanks to the care of me members of the guarantee group. I am honored to live and work hard with you in such an excellent team.

  Thanks to the team to send me a formal invitation again, I also hope that I can return to you again, a temperature collective, but in order to better prepare for the 2024 Olympic Games, I decided not to return to the team for the time being. I will go all out to go all outTogether with my sisters, complete the Olympic mission for the Chinese women’s basketball team. After that, if there is still a chance, I still hope that I can return to the team again and learn, work hard, and grow with you.

  A heart of a heart to the east, and he was wrapped in his hometown.See you in Paris!See in the future.”

Well -known Chinese athletes: Rejecting to the United States invitation!

  Li Meng, born on January 2, 1995 in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, a Chinese professional women’s basketball player, a striker on the field, and played for WNBA Washington Mysteries.

  In the 19th Asian Games Women’s Basketball Finals of Hangzhou last year, Li Meng played 36 minutes, shot 18 of 7, 8 of 3 points, 1 of 3 points, 3 free throws, and scored the highest 17 points in the audience to help the Chinese women’s basketball team.74-72 defeated the Japanese women’s basketball team and won the championship.

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