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In this uncertainty is greater than certainty, there is such a type of industry “player”, which is particularly worthy of attention and respect, that is, “the first person to eat crab” in the industry.

In the past two decades, the size of the domestic commercial market has been expanding. For a while, “commercial real estate” carried too much development expectations, and also needed to respond to capital operation, development model, property form, brand consciousness, etc.I can’t find the question of the reference answer.

Among the unavoidable ultimate issues, there is always this: What kind of business can be regarded as “good business”?At that time, the business development, walking through the European and American roads, and copying the department stores in Japan,

The complex that imitates Hong Kong has now started to learn Thailand’s non -standard …

Commercial real estate, an industry with all flowers, has its own “city”.

Whether it is investors, developers, or brands, or consumers, it will have different answers from different development stages, looking out from different links and vision.

Those shopping malls that opened the river in the earliest round and crossed the river in the market belonged to the pioneers.Especially those who have experienced the test of time, “the world is self -confused, and my heart and the autonomy” belongs to the founder of this industry, and it is also a “good business” worthy of discussion.

They have experienced “0-1”, passively or actively break through business ideas, break through physical space restrictions, and slowly establish their own moats after carrying the turbulent market.


Firm your “Instinct Value”

So, how can we stand the test of time?

If the business is metaphorized to a person, over time, you will find that personality and core are often more important than appearance and life.The latter, as an inherent advantage, will be out of time over time; but the former is why it is different from others and is remembered by the outside world for a long time.

At the same time, whether the “core” of this person is stable and whether there is enough forces to distinguish and screen external information, and not to disturb his pace, it will also determine how far he can go.

The change occurs at any time.For more than two decades, the market has experienced continuous replacement of business models, disorderly competition in the brand, upgrading and downgrade of consumer structure, and the rise of e -commerce.

But for an offline business with limited physical space, the market demand that has been chasing and meeting changes has to be carried out huge sinking costs.Just like catching up the trend, the trend is always changing. It is more important to know what style is suitable for you.

Do not look at the explosiveness of the moment, but pay more attention to the sustainability of commercial operations; it is not not concerned about new needs, but to find the balance between demand and supply. Only in this way can you stand for “human settings” and stabilize “”Ranking”, flowers all the way.


There are always people who do not stop seeking stability,Still asking for new and changing

The following are the “old” malls that have always been able to seek new and change for many years. They are representatives of clearing their own positioning and.

① Shanghai Port Hung Lung Square

Shanghai Port Hungulong Square (hereinafter referred to as “Hong Kong Hui Rong”). When it was a new business district, it took the lead in carrying the “heavy luxury banner”, which once became the fashion vane of the Xujiahui business district.

The “key one corner”, which is located on Huashan Road, Hongqiao Road, has experienced huge changes and turbulence with the entire business district, and also ushered in uncertainty of individual development prospects.

After the delisting of the “opposite door” Pacific Department Store, the multi -round transformation of the Oriental Commercial Building, the “two -dimensional” transformation of Mero City, and the challenge of the neighbor Sun Hongji, the upgraded Hong Kong Hui Hang Lung became the “queuing” of many international brands.Waiting for the target shopping mall.

The reason why Hong Kong Hui Hang Luo, after 24 years of opening, still stabilized and upstream, it is inseparable from the “panoramic plan” of the project in 2017, and after proposing the plan, it takes three years to take three years.In order to implement it, the overall jumper of business space and brand has finally achieved.

In the end, in the year when the epidemic occurred in 2020, the upgrade was completed. The high -luxury stores that originally lacked the business district, especially a number of large -scale and full categories of stores, were included in the field by “holding high”.From the reorganization of the brand matrix and the “stage” of international promotion activities, the “big brother” once again attracted the attention of consumers.

On the other hand, Hong Kong Hui Henglong also kept up with the footsteps of young consumers and introduced a number of emerging tide brands and fragrance shops from overseas to bring frontier wind and inspiration to the market.

It can be seen that after the re -positioning of “Gateway To Inspiration”, Hong Konghui Hang Luo chose a road that is most suitable for its own growth temperament.In addition to ensuring that the grade is not dropped, it also follows the consumer demand of the “new luxury generation”, and takes the Xujiahui business district to improve the taste and tide taste.

Ganghui Hang Lung exposed to high -quality resources at home and abroad with an international perspective.Choose a partner with both quality and high -knowledge, and combine the characteristics of the mall environment to make common ideas, so that consumers can appreciate the performances that can be seen in professional venues and even overseas.

② Longhu Chongqing Beicheng Street

There are also Longhu Beicheng Street in Chongqing (hereinafter referred to as “Beicheng Tian Street”).

开局至今,二十年的时间里,北城天街见证过城市商业市场面貌的巨大变化,但他也足够地专注:“聪明地”把有限的资源,聚焦到可以实现正向反馈的地方,为Chongqing has brought many pioneering “heads” and “new”.

For example, Starbucks, which we know, fell on Beicheng Tianjie as early as 2006.Since then, Chongqing people have also caught up with the trend of “petty bourgeoisie” and tasted a lifestyle that is different from mountain city culture.

For another example, as early as 2014, the era when the National Apple Store was not more than ten, the brand was the first high -standard store in Asia to use the first high -standard store in Asia to adopt an over 11 meter glass curtain wall, which also showed the central part of the central part.Cities can also reach commercial magnitude.

Subsequently, more “dare to be the first” active change occurred. In 2015, Chongqing’s first Air Jordan landed on Beichengtian Street, and the image of “sports tide” in Beichengtian Street rose; in 2017, Chongqing’s first shopping centerThe high -level matrix gradually formed; in 2020, the exclusive flagship resources of multiple high -level cities began to land, further forming a unique advantage, and also brought a series of first -line brands of outdoor transport tide, becoming a new benchmark for “urban outdoor” cities.

The roles of the “first store harvester” and “fashion vane” of Beichengtian Street are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, which not only stabilizes its position in the business market in the western region, but also provides a window for the city to connect high -quality resources.More new vitality.

To become a real strong person, you cannot restrain yourself with the achievements of the past and present; you cannot follow the waves, or pray for calm and calm. Only “making a big ship for yourself” can resist the turbulence.

Faced with more discerning consumers and business markets, how will a project that has experienced 20 years cope with the next 20 years of unknown challenges?

In fact, when it comes to Beicheng Tianjie, the first thing in the industry thinks is his huge volume. In fact, it is a typical mountain commercial industry that affects the form from the terrain. Although the physical space brings the interesting of partitioned streaming, how much is the internal structure?It is still limited to the new content and new brands of punch.

Beicheng Tianjie also looked at the “shortcomings” on his body. From internal hardcover to the external facade, he decided to reshape the project building experience and fit the pioneer “person” in the Beicheng Tianjie on the Chongqing market.

Although before that, Beicheng Tianjie has also experienced many small hardware transformations and small -scale positioning upgrades, but on the 20th anniversary, the project will usher in the largest property hardware improvement, brand adjustment of brand adjustment, and brand adjustment.And operation optimization.



After the reconstruction

First of all, from the outside of the building, Beicheng Tianjie will completely change the first generation of the “Yuanzu” image.

The facade facade of a number of boxed boxes forms visual richness. Use this design method to make more space for external display and replace it to the brand itself to dress.

The internal transformation will pay attention to the consumption atmosphere created between the brand and the space, integrate the needs and characteristics of different formats, grasp the fast and slow down consumption rhythm of the internal moving line, and even the feelings of consumers.


Before the renovation


After the renovation

In addition, there is one of the most anticipated, three major squares (constellation square, central square, banyan square): Based on the geographical slope of the project, the internal and external spaces of the project are more closely integrated, creating a unique public and commercial activities in the business district.Space makes the performance of the project more flexible.

Through the later use of the three major squares: such as the publication of the city, the first exhibition of the brand, and the voices of art life, etc., it has given enough test venues in the later period, adding the diversity of the project and even the brand presentation, and extended the consumer tour projectsStore.

With the appearance of the appearance, Beicheng Tianjie has once again focused on: with the long -term positioning direction of “Western China Fashion Trend Landmark”, it has upgraded a group of retail brands that matches it and provided more stores to display it.The possibility of self.


Before renovation


After the renovation

In addition to consolidating hardware, it reflects the “soft power” operation system. Beicheng Tianjie has always focused on the purpose of “how to help tenants perform better” and provides a full life cycle monitoring service from negotiation to retirement.

The upgrade of the member system has not been ignored.Through the establishment of data empowerment, Beicheng Tianjie has conducted deeper subdivisions and “labels” on high net worth members in order to provide more specific consumption guidance and suggestions.

As a “old” shopping mall for 20 years, “Begin Again” is a deep insight into the market. It changes due to the time, and it is repeatedly examined by self.No see.

③ Shenzhen Luohu Vientiane City

Similarly, Shenzhen Luohu Vientiane City (hereinafter referred to as “Luo Wan”), which has just completed the expansion of the project and the adjustment of the first and second phases, has also brought textbook -level demonstrations to the market.

Nineteenth years ago, Luo Wan was a legend of Shenzhen business. It is still among the commercial tops of South China.This mall that defines “standard high -luxury configuration” in the eyes of Shenzhen people, accompanied the consumption growth of a generation; but with the changes in the main consumption and consumption willingness, everyone’s requirements for luxury malls are getting higher and higher, Not only “advanced”, but also want to consume things that you can easily pay for your daily life in a senior environment;

“It is easy to buy, it must be good -looking, it must be fun, and it is even more necessary.” These requirements are almost the mainstream of the new generation of consumers. It sounds standard and abstract, but no one tells what to do to do it.

After the three -phase breakthrough layer height and pillar network restrictions, the exquisite atmosphere of the first and second phases has gradually appeared.

In the face of such a voice, in case Luo considers how to continue to give the long -accumulated high -end VIP members often changed the new impression, on the other hand, through the area expansion, to meet the extension of project positioning, find your own “new life curve curve”” “.

Locking the goal of “South China Commercial Flagship”, Luo Wan has adjusted the new space to the main store -the re -planning of the two main stores of Ruiou Department Store and H & M.Shop image renewal and brand adjustment.

In addition to the improvement of the first and second phases, the third phase of the opening last year also expanded the first two phases that have always been “steady and steady”.

The original row of residential dealers, after an internal structure adjustment, introduced a series of pioneering trend brands, and also supplemented a living water for Lao Luohu, which was slightly significant.

In this process, Luo Wan is more like a “relationship community” that integrates emotions, culture, and social networking. From the need to be completely shaped from the positioning of self, not only focuses on the brand presentation of the brand, the beauty of architecture, but the beauty of architecture.It cares more about the training of the field. It is not provided by the buying and selling scene, but the reflection of the quality of life.

In the first phase, the reconstruction of the facades outside Baoan South Road was completed, and it created many luxury promenade gathered by many luxury galleries such as Louis Vuitton, Dior (three layers), and Burberry.


Until the end

Although the success of business has certain accidents, the latitudes of time across the time must be done in order to compete with time, so that success also has a certain degree of inevitability.

What we are discussed today and still active in the industry, whether it is the “second -generation tide luxury” created by Hong Konghui Hang Lung and Luohu Vientiane City, or the “fashion pioneer” of Beicheng Tianjie, can be said that “old landmarks are writing new new marks.story”.

“Old landmarks” have all experienced the process of “fighting alone” and “starting” from the external environment.When they have experienced crisis and opportunities coexisting, they also try to turn in danger.

Today, they are still making high requirements for themselves. Starting from practicing internal skills and active adjustments, they will extend their influence to the city again.The shopping mall and urban interface, one mile and one outside, was reduced a little bit.

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