Empoli – Juventus 0-2: Danilo and Chiesa Secure Victory at Castellani

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The third round of Serie A matches came to an end between Empoli and Juventus. It was Juventus’ first match back at the Stadio Carlo Castellani since last season. The match was opened by a goal from Danilo and eventually sealed by Chiesa’s goal in the 82nd minute as Juventus fell to Empoli 0-2. Here is the chronicle of the Empoli-Juventus match.

Empoli-Juventus match chronicle:
First half:
Massimiliano Allegri’s side started the game with a strong attacking display, with excellent passes from Rabiot and McKennie allowing them to create a threat in the Empoli penalty area. In the seventh minute, Vlahovic’s shot put Berisha on edge but failed to score. The Serbian striker received the ball in the box and shot but failed to break through. In the 11th minute, Juventus had a corner kick opportunity and Danilo headed it in front, but it was ruled a foul and the goal was disallowed. Juventus took the lead in the 24th minute when Danilo pushed in a rebound chance from a corner kick. Juventus had a penalty kick opportunity in the 37th minute: Gatti was fouled by Mallet in the box. Vlahovic took the penalty, but Berisha parried it away. After three minutes of extra time in the first half, the match between Empoli and Juventus ended 0-1.https://www.comfortablenike.com

Empoli – Juventus 0-2: Danilo and Chiesa Secure Victory at Castellani

Second Half:
The game remained unchanged in the second half. Empoli v Juventus started again with Juventus taking the initiative. The hosts started the second half aggressively with Cambiagi and Fazzini trying to break through the Juventus defense. Allegri’s men created danger in the 59th minute when Chiesa’s attacking onslaught went close. But the No. 7 in the Berisha goal headed the ball away. The visitors came close to scoring again in the 62nd minute when Paul Pogba’s goal was ruled offside. French players caused chaos in the attacking area. Despite rumors that the Egyptian star is very interested in the Saudi offer because of the huge amount of money involved, Jurgen Klopp has asked the club to think calmly and take into account the difficulties that Salah’s departure could cause.

The next few days will decide whether Salah stays or goes, but he is not putting any pressure on the club at the moment, so he is still likely to remain at Liverpool for at least the season.

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