"Entrepreneurship China · Qiaoxing Liaoning" 2024 Overseas Chinese Merchants Liaoning (Anshan) Project Promotion Conference was held

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Wu Kaihua speaks An Jianzheng’s speech

On the 19th, the “China Entrepreneurship China · Qiaoxing Liaoning” 2024 overseas Chinese businessmen Liaoning (Anshan) project promotion meeting was held at the victory hotel. Wu Kaihua, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.And speech.


On behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, Wu Kaihua welcomed the leaders of the promotion conferences, the representatives of overseas Chinese businessmen, and guests at home and abroad.He said that overseas Chinese businessmen are important forces for national construction and development, and are bond bridges to integrate Chinese and foreign exchanges and enhance Chinese and foreign friendship. They are also important participants, promoters, and contributors of Chinese -style modernization.At present, Anshan is studying and implementing the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech at the New Era to promote the Symposium on the Northeast in the new era.The target of the support area, accelerate the “eight aspects to break the upper steps”, and the rejuvenation has arrived at the time, and the investment in Anshan coincides with it.He warmly hopes that the majority of overseas Chinese businessmen will always care about supporting the development of Anshan, give full play to the unique resource advantages of technology, funds, management, and connections.Made in China, “Made in Liaoning” and “Manshan Manufacturing” out of the sea.Anshan will create a more efficient government environment, a better policy environment, a more sufficient element environment, a more complete facility environment, a more supportive industrial environment, a more pro -political and business environment, a better rule of law environment, a more good faciest environment.To build a stage for the majority of overseas Chinese businessmen at home and abroad, build a stage for innovation and entrepreneurship, create conditions, and provide broad space.

In his speech, An Jianzhang said that Anshan’s cultural heritage, complete science and education system, rich mineral resources, strong industrial foundation, convenient transportation network, good business environment, unique tourism resources, and economic development are prosperous.Living in peace.The Provincial Overseas Chinese Federation will further play the role of a bridge, open up the “last mile” to communicate with overseas Chinese, deepen the cooperation with Anshan and overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese enterprises to bridge, piercing needle leads, to drive more overseas Chinese businessmen and overseas enterprises to understand Anshan, care about Anshan, investment support Anshan to support Anshan to support Anshan to support Anshan to support Anshan., Take root in Anshan, share new opportunities in the era with Anshan, new markets in the Communist Party, and develop a new chapter in the development of the common development.

The event was hosted by the Liaoning Provincial Overseas Chinese Federation and Anshan People’s Government, and hosted by the Liaoning Provincial Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Anshan Overseas Chinese Federation, and Anshan China Merchants Investment Service Center.At the meeting, Anshan City Promotional Movies were broadcast and carried out a comprehensive recommendation of the city’s industries.

City leaders Zhang Yanlin, Wang Zhi, and Wang Yan, and Liu Guangxin, Secretary -General of the Municipal Government participated in the event.

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