Hunan builds a high -quality development pattern of education public welfare in the new era

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& ENSP; & ENSP; Editor’s note: In recent years, the Hunan Provincial Education Foundation has thoroughly implemented the important exposition of the Supreme Leadership Secretary on education, fully implemented the party’s education policy, united the education foundation of the province from traditional charity to modern public welfare.The construction of a strong province in service education, focusing on building a high -quality development pattern of education in the new era, and gradually formed Hunan experience in educational public welfare undertakings with “vertical linkage, horizontal union, sharing and co -development”.The experience and practices of educational foundations within the province are now recommended.

Hunan Provincial Education Foundation: deep cultivation of public welfare

Create “four platforms”

In recent years, the Hunan Education Foundation has thoroughly implemented the important exposition of the Supreme Leadership General Secretary of the Supreme Leadership, keeping in mind the initial mission of “educating people for the party, being a talent for national education”, adhering to the purpose of “service education, caring for teachers and students””Sending charcoal in the snow” work positioning, fully practicing the concept of modern charity and charity, creating the “four platforms” with affection, and a new way for the high -quality development of the new era education foundation.

Adhere to the original position and create a dynamic gathering platform.The Provincial Education Fund will focus on implementing the fundamental tasks of Lide Shushu people, and use the education public welfare project to highlight the attributes of public welfare in education.The first is to implement the “charcoal in the snow” project.With compassion and kindness, support the weak education public welfare project, serve teachers and student schools wholeheartedly, and continue to carry out the “Candle Candy Action”, “Cultural Calendar Action” “EThe three major public welfare brand projects of the school plan, the province’s education foundation exceeds the total annual expenditure exceed2100 million yuan funding difficult teacher, super1100 million yuan in funding difficulties, super, super1100 million yuan to fund rural weak schools to improve the conditions for running schools.The second is to actively explore the “relics and supplement” project.In terms of key education work and key groups, they are together with the educational administrative departments at all levels and accompanied by the same way, focusing on enriching the professional growth of rural teachers and the comprehensive development of students, and the work of rural aesthetic education.”Happy Chorus of the Growth Plan for Rural Good Principals” “Happy Chorus3+1“Education public welfare projects have widely covered rural principals, rural teachers, rural left -behind children and other groups.

Adhere to the goal leadership and create a demonstration benchmark platform.The Provincial Education Foundation takes “socialization, professionalism, rule of law, and digitalization” as its construction goal, and give full play to the leading, demonstration, and benchmarking role in the province’s education public welfare undertakings.The first is to promote social construction.Strictly implement the work operation mechanism of the decision -making of the council, the implementation of the office of the chairman, the implementation of the foundation of the Foundation Secretariat.2021In the annual generalization, the members of the members are from government departments, schools, enterprises, social organizations, and industry associations. More diverse personnel compositions are more conducive to the important role of councils.The second is to promote professional construction.Foundation secretary existing6Based on the full -time personnel of the famous business, recruit4The young and highly educated young staff enrich the team, and the echelon, professional, and younger work team has injecting a strong driving force into the high -quality development of the Education Foundation.The third is to promote the construction of rule of law.Establish and improve financial management systems, standardize fund management and project management, revise and improve and improve15The work system of item; accept the annual inspection of the Provincial Department of Civil Affairs on time, and cooperate with the Provincial Audit Department to carry out an extension audit work on the Provincial Education Foundation; hire third -party professional institutions such as law and audit to ensure that the foundation of the Foundation has chapters and chapters.The fourth is to promote digital construction.Adapt to changes in the digital age, develop internal control management platforms, optimize the project management system, and open the donation channels on the official website officials; disclose information in time, and obtain the foundation network of the Foundation for six consecutive years(CFC)Published medium base transparency indexFTIFull score (full score (100point).

Adhere to innovation and development and create a digital crowdfunding platform.The Provincial Education Foundation has made multiple measures to raise funds to raise funds to enlarge the scale of education funds.The first is to further promote the “Internet+fundraising” fundraising.Provincial, cities, and county education foundations have participated in four consecutive years99Public welfare day, cumulative launch65010,000 people, raising good funds1.08100 million yuan; launched the fundraising project of “Guarding Teachers Light” and “Student Caring for Students” on the BOC Public Welfare Platform and Alipay Public Welfare Platform; follow the requirements of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government’s “Alumni Return to Hunan”, build an alumni public welfare platform to support the school to carry out the Internet raising the Internetpayment.The second is to actively explore “finance+public welfare” fundraising.The first charity trust was jointly launched with the Bank of China Hunan Branch and Hunan Caixin Trust Co., Ltd. to set up a “Most Beautiful Aya Rural Library” project on the Agricultural Bank of China Palm Bank Platform to raise funds in a new way of “sales aid”.The third is to carefully operate “investment+capital controversy” fundraising.The chairman’s meeting has repeatedly invested investment in the special research foundation, and the fund preservation investment is stable; actively strive for special funds such as the Provincial Department of Education, the Provincial Department of Finance, and the Provincial Civil Affairs Department; strictly control management costs, scientific budgets, and fine implementation.

Adhere to the joint construction and build a sharing and co -entry platform.The Provincial Education Foundation adheres to the operating mechanism of “vertical linkage, horizontal union, sharing common advancement”, and actively links the national high -quality public welfare resources to the provincial education foundation system.The first is linkage collaboration.Pay attention to project linkage, use the city and county (district) education foundation as the three major public welfare brand project cooperation executive agencies to jointly serve the province’s education undertakings; pay attention to exchanges and links, hold a seminar for public welfare projects and the provincial education foundation seminar every year, and go deep into in -depth.Summarize the discussion and strengthen business training; pay attention to fundraising linkage, invite professional institutions to conduct the province’s education fund99Training for the rules of public welfare day activities to jointly launch Internet persuasion activities; pay attention to party building linkage, deeply integrate party building work and public welfare activities, and join hands with the city and county (district) Education Foundation to carry out the theme party day activities.The second is the combination.The three sessions of “Hunan Provincial Teaching and Education Model” selection activities carried out by the Provincial Department of Education and Hunan Daily have an extremely wide impact; the “Rural Good Principal Growth Plan” jointly carried out in five years, covering all cities and counties in the province;”Happy Chorus3+1“The project won” “2023China Charity ListAnnual Charity example “, selected into Hunan Province”100The “Key Charity Project for Rural Revitalization”; joint caring for the “Candlelight Project -Guardian Teacher Bright” project jointly carried out the province700The remaining teachers.The third is to speak together.Expand the “circle of friends” and lead the “meeting together” salon shared by practitioners of the Huxiang Foundation.6Period theme activity, accumulated400Participate in the participation; build a “spear”, and concentrate on the public in the public welfare publication to promote the typical experience and practices of the provincial education fund meeting to spread the dynamic information of the industry.

At present, the province’s education foundation has shown a good development trend of “deep roots and deep leaves, and the same spirit”.176Home, in the province421Foundation occupation41.81%, Basically realize provinces, cities, counties((districtCureFull coverage.Among them, the Provincial Education Foundation153Home, net assets account for nearly 60 % of the total assets of the province’s public offering funds, and cumulative expenses65.3100 million yuan, benefit130Thousands of teachers,157Thousands of students, near5000School.

Yueyang Education Foundation: Promote the deep development of the Education Fund

Promote the high -quality balance of urban and rural education

In recent years, Yueyang City has vigorously developed various education foundations at all levels, and has effectively promoted the high -quality and balanced development of urban and rural education.

Establish an institutional network to enhance organizational power.The first is to act early and strengthen demonstration.already2016In year, Yueyang City set up the city’s first education foundation branch in accordance with the spirit of the documents of the relevant power of the State Council.IntersectionThe “Yueyang Education Foundation Yanglin Branch” has opened the prelude to promoting the development of the Education Fund to the townships, streets, and schools.The second is to introduce policies and strengthen support.Yueyang party committees and governments at all levels attach great importance to the development of the Education Foundation.2020Nian Yueyang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government issued the “Ten Articles of Circular Education”, which clearly “support the establishment of the Education Foundation in various places, and give full play to the role of the Education Foundation in the awards, teaching assistants, scholarships, and school assistance.”2023Year12On the month, the city has a total of education foundation registered in the civil affairs department39Home.The third is extensive coverage and strengthen linkage.The township education foundation is established in Yueyang City or the establishment of the county and township branches of the county and urban education foundation, which has realized the full coverage of the Education Fund to the township, the community, and the school.29Home, a branch of the branch (special fund) established by the education foundations of counties and cities in towns and schools103One, strengthen work linkage around “service education, care for teachers and students”.

Play the emotional cards and enhance the cohesion.The first is to stimulate the education of the whole people.Organizations of Huarong County, Xiangyin County, Yueyang County, Yueyang Building District and other organizations carried out education “one -day donation” activities. Party and government leaders at all levels were full of education affection.The Yueyang Education Foundation was established in depth30Anniversary essay activity, various education foundations have widely launched teaching aids and scholarships, attracting more and more volunteers to actively participate, consciously contribute to education, and make up for the lack of relics.EssenceThe second is to let Xianxian’s feelings of hometown.The township foundation and township branches are widely established, helping foreign friends and local lovers to set up a bridge of “love in hometown education and implement social responsibility”.Wait, the efficient docking of educational charity resources.The third is to let the alumni glow with their mother school.Taking the opportunity of “Alumni Return to Hunan”, organize the theme activities such as alumni return to school, and fully tap alumni resources to give back to their alma mater and enlighten students.Since the establishment of the Township Foundation and the Township Branch, the total amount of the Yueyang Education Fund has achieved rapid growth.2018Inadequate3100 million yuan increased to super now8100 million yuan, the total number of township education funds breaks through4100 million.

Implement a balanced strategy to expand the influenceEssenceThe first is to support the construction of rural schools.In recent years, the township education fund has accumulated100The improvement and construction of a number of rural schools provide financial support. Pingjiang County and Township Education Fund Investment2000More than 10,000 yuan newly built Pingjiang Yu Lihua School, investment1200Explore Pingjiang Sisi Village Middle School; the Township Education Fund Branch of Lo Luo City has invested in total4000More than 10,000 yuan, newly built in township schools25A sports field.The second is to support rewarding rural teachers.Encourage rural teachers to teach at ease. In the past two years, all towns and villages in the city have rewarded rural teachers in total20691Name, distributed reward near400010,000 yuan, funding560More than 10,000 yuan in support1300Many rural teachers go out to study and train to improve comprehensive literacy; the liquidity of teachers in rural schools has been significantly reduced, forming a good situation of teachers’ “getting down, reserving, and teaching well”.The third is to support motivating rural children.Provide school aid for children who are in trouble, set up scholarships for excellent rural children, and encourage rural students to study hard. In the past two years, they have funded large and secondary school students.15,000Many, issue aid funds3000There are more than 10,000 yuan. Students’ enthusiasm for learning, love, and willingness to learn is significantly increased, and the quality of education in rural schools has increased significantly.

Xiangtan Education Development Foundation: expand new path of public welfare charity

Lead the excellent Chinese traditional culture into the campus

In recent years, the Xiangtan Education Development Foundation has thoroughly implemented the important expositions of the highest leader’s cultural ideas and the General Secretary of the Supreme Leadership, and actively expand the new path of the development of public welfare charity.Union with Xiangtan City Reading Association, Liancheng Reading Association, and primary and secondary schools, focus on implementing the fundamental tasks of Lideshu people, implement the “Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture Entering Campus” public welfare project, and strive to cultivate the enthusiasm of young and children to learn Chinese excellent traditional culture, enhanceCultural self -confidence, improve comprehensive quality.

Advocate daily learning, so that “good morning sharing” and “daily reading” deeply rooted in people’s hearts.In line with the new trend of reading online reading, carefully produce red culture and excellent traditional culture short videos.2023From the beginning of the year, a short video of “Good Morning Sharing” poetry is released every day, including the topic of Chairman Mao’s poems, Li Bai’s topic, Du Fu’s topic, Bai Juyi topic, Li Shangyin’s topic, and the characteristics of the Book of Songs.365Strip, attract20Yujin Primary and Middle Schools2More than 10,000 students participated.At the same time, in cooperation with “My Shaoshan” red research activity, the “Daily Reading” article supported by the two public accounts in Liancheng Reading Club published a “Daily Reading” article200The rest of the article allows students to reinforce reading and deeply understanding, and cultivate students’ good habits of learning, reciting Chairman Mao’s poems and classical poems.According to the statistics,2023The total number of views of ancient poems on the online “Good Morning Sharing” ancient poems exceeds the total number of views exceeding the total number70Thousands of people, the highest single day reaches9607people.

Encourage everyone to read, so that the activities of “Little Reading Promotion” and “Picture Book Pavilion” have a wide influence.Focus on topics such as Chinese books, red reading, etc., vigorously cultivate students’ enthusiasm and habits of reading, reading good books, and good reading, and helping young people’s reading actions to implement.Carry out the “Little Reading Promotion” activity, from2018Year12moon15Launched the first special session on the day,5Continue to work every year, until2023Year12Monthly develops30Yuchang offline “Little Reading Promotion” theme activity, select the city300The remaining primary and secondary school students become “small reading promoters”, on -site interviews30Yu Shuxiang’s family showed the “reading example around you” to the society, and benefited from primary and secondary schools in the event, and received wide praise from schools, teachers, students and parents.At the same time, carry out special reading activities such as classic works reading, picture book reading, etc.2020At the end of the year, the “Picture Book Hall” youth reading promotion activities were launched. Through the organization of parent -child reading, the picture book story that is familiar, easy to understand, and profoundly enlightened.2023In the year, the organization and the summer vacation reading activities including the “Picture Book Book” entered15Community, participate in primary and secondary school students1000Others help the whole people to read the formation of fashion and promote the implementation of the “double reduction” policy.

Organizational competitions allow the nation to read the “Flying Flower Order” contest.Learn from the experience and practices of CCTV’s “Chinese Poetry Conference”.2019From the beginning of the year, the first Xiangtan City Reading “Flying Flower Order” contest was launched, and it has been held once a year. It has been successfully held so far5The session.The entire people read the “Flying Flower Order” contest, from the original individual competition to individual competitions, group competitions, family competitions, extending from pure competition to traditional cultural talent performances, attracting students to participate widely.2023The fifth “Flying Flower Order” contest in Xiangtan City, Nian Xiangtan City12field,450The remaining students participated in the competition, including pre -competition training, personal sea election, personal semi -finals, family semicircular competitions, group sea election, finals, each game chanted Chairman Mao’s poems, invited guests teachers to explain Chairman Mao’s poems, fieldsThe atmosphere is warm and poetic.

Luzhou Education Foundation: Break the “Three Love and Two Assists” brand

Help education high -quality development

Luzhou12The Home Education Foundation adheres to the purpose of the “prize and help, service education”, firmly establishs the concept of serving schools, service teachers and students, and constantly brightering “three loves and two help” (that is, love to help school, love candle action,Love inheritance, funding educational research, assistance to school construction) brands, helping high -quality development of education,20Over the years, the total number of education funds in the city has made breakthroughs in total amount20Yida Guan, in the evaluation of social organization levels, has possess5Agrade4Home,4Agrade7Home.

Innovate the ideas of fundraising, and make bigger and stronger education funds.The city’s education foundation follows policies, keeps with the market, closely linked to famous enterprises and celebrities, and promptly adjust the funding ideas and methods to highlight the funding effect.The first is to establish a title fund.2023In the year, the Municipal Education Foundation established three naming funds of Xinfei, Cisco, and Jinghua Garden.17910,000 yuan, effectively inspired the enthusiasm of donating social forces to fund teaching.The second is to build a fundraising platform.Cover the fundraising network to the entire city, link to the whole country, contact famous companies and celebrities to donate to Luzhou, and the city has accumulated funds22.52100 million yuan.2023Donation of Guangzhou Xinfeng Run Energy Technology Co., Ltd.1.6A new nine -year -old school -Xinfei School has been built in the urban area of 100 million yuan,2023Year9moon1Formally enabled and donated400010,000 yuan is a new teaching building for the No. 2 Middle School of Luzhou City.Shenzhen Daotong Technology Co., Ltd. donated500010,000 yuan, a new gymnasium for Yongxing County No. 1 Middle School.The third is to strengthen the typical lead.Organize many media in Luzhou and invite Hunan Daily’s new media to focus on the model model for love aid,87Wang Shuchen, a retired female teacher, Mr. Wang Shuchen, and4Children10010,000 yuan, donated to Taihe Middle School of Guiyang County, established the “Magnolia Education Fund”, and donated a library to the school. Once her deeds were reported, she caused a strong response from society.

Focus on Lide Tree people and make bright special brands.Municipal Education Foundation Union Municipal Education Bureau continuously14In the city, it was promoted in the city to promote students to convey love, parents and social dedication to love, exercising students ‘will, and improving the “love inheritance” project of students’ comprehensive quality.The first is to establish a demonstration base of the “Love Inheritance” project.Municipal Education Foundation Input16010,000 yuan established16Municipal -level demonstration base,11The county and city are invested1100More than 10,000 yuan, established108A “love inheritance” practice base, demonstrating the implementation of the “love inheritance” activity in the city’s primary and secondary schools.The second is to carry out public welfare activities of the “Love Inheritance” project.Volunteers in the city use volunteers as the backbone force, make full use of resources to form their own characteristics.Such as Rucheng, Guidong, and Zixing, using rich red resources to form the characteristics of red culture and educational; Guiyang, Linwu, Jiahe, Anren, deeply tap the cultural heritage of centuries of old schools, push the culture of Chinese classic culture, and form Chinese classic cultural characteristics; Beihu, Su Xian, and Yongxing, organized volunteers to use holidays to carry out patriotism education, scientific and technological education, and sports activities to form the characteristics of comprehensive education; An Ren used pottery and art resources to form artistic characteristics.The third is to strengthen the cooperation and interaction of the “Love Inheritance” project.2023In the year, the Municipal Education Foundation joined hands with the Beijing Deqing Foundation to carry out the “child voice to illuminate the child” to send music to the countryside in the city; jointly carried out the psychological debugging project of teachers of the municipal special school with the Municipal Charity Federation;Doctrine education, national defense education, and security education allow students to learn growth in happiness.The project won the “Most Influential Charity Project” of the Fourth Hunan Charity Award.

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