Suzhou releases ten policies and measures to further improve the optimization business environment

  Article 10 policies and measures for optimizing the business environment in Suzhou have officially released and implemented recently to further improve the optimization of Suzhou business environmental policy system.

  The official release of ten policies and measures to optimize the business environment in Suzhou, including expanding the scope of the “one thing and one thing”, building a “1+10+N” help enterprise service network, promoting “exemption to enjoy”, deepening”Demonstrate Suzhou” reform, implementing “data gains” in manufacturing enterprises, upgrading “Su Rongtong” comprehensive financial services, helping enterprises and talents “go to two -way”, implement “comprehensive investigations once” on -site law enforcement inspections, and implement “escort to sea enterprisesAction “and implementing structural tax cuts and fees and fees.

  Suzhou sorted out 53 high -frequency “one thing and one thing at a time” services such as the company’s business and real estate registration, and continued to optimize the specific operation process. It will explore the “up to once” reform of the enterprise appraisal and evaluation.Those who have been tried in areas such as protection and other fields have no proof of illegal credit reports instead of enterprises; the establishment of a “comprehensive inspection” inspection scenario list in the fields of ecological environmental protection, emergency fire protection, and market supervision, and exploring the establishment of the “whitelist” of administrative law enforcement inspections related to enterprises.”Exemption is to enjoy” and “exemption Suzhou” relies on digitalization methods to optimize and improve the “policy -finding enterprise” mechanism, expand the coverage of government service matters, etc.Through a package of deployment, “everything is not disturbed” and “zero running” is more visible, and continuously builds the “Suzhou’s most comfortable” business service brand.

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