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Work hard to provide Suzhou people with more convenient and high -quality health and health services

The city held a healthy Suzhou Construction Promotion Conference Liu Xiaotao Mao Qun, An Tanying, attended and delivered a speech Li Yaping Zhu Min attended

  Yesterday (March 19), the city held a health Suzhou Construction Promotion Conference to thoroughly study and implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech, and insist on putting the people’s health first, with the service of “benevolence and benevolence, to be good and sincere”.The concept, high -quality promoting the construction of Healthy Suzhou, and striving to provide Suzhou people with convenient and high -quality health and health services for the people of the Suzhou people and the life cycle, so that the people can deeply feel that living in Suzhou is very blessed.Liu Xiaotao, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mao Qunan, Deputy Director of the National Affairs Office and Director of the Planning Department of the National Health and Health Commission, and Tan Ying, director of the Provincial Health and Health Commission, attended and spoke.Li Yaping, director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, and Zhu Min, chairman of the CPPCC, attended the meeting.In order to be hired by experts from Zhan Qimin, Yu Jinming, Ningguang, Jun Guang, Xiao Wei, Zhu Liguo, Cai Xiujun, Li Liming, Shi Haipeng, Qin Huanlong, etc.Representatives held an appointment ceremony.

  At the scene, the Suzhou Municipal Government, the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the Xiyuan Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine held a signing of a contract with the National Medical Center, which will further integrate resources, gather forces, and jointly create the National Medical Center of TCM National Medical Center to build a highland of traditional Chinese medicine.The Suzhou Tumor Comprehensive Diagnosis and Treatment Center will be unveiled. It will take the first hospital of Su University as the main carrier to focus on multi -disciplinary advantages and build a high -level tumor comprehensive diagnosis and treatment center that integrates medical education and research and defense, and provide citizens with higher levels of high -quality and high -quality diagnosis and treatment services.The official release of Gusu Medical Center, Suzhou Biomedical Research Innovation Alliance, and Susuang Biomedical Health Investment Fund will be officially released, which will further accelerate resource agglomeration and project implementation, and help the healthy development of the health industry and the biomedical industry.On the same day, a group of cooperation projects signed a contract and awarded licenses for the national demonstration elderly friendly communities, national medical and nursing demonstration zones and demonstration agencies.The Municipal Health and Health Commission interpreted the “Three -Year Action Plan for Healthy Suzhou” Peiyou Qiangji “. Zhangjiagang City, the First Affiliated Hospital of Suzhou University, the Institute of Suzhou Biomedical Engineering Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Yasheng Pharmaceutical made a speech.

  In the speech, Liu Xiaotao expressed his sincere gratitude to the comrades of the city party, the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, the Municipal Government, and the CPPCC to extend a high respect to the comrades of the city’s health and health front, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to people from all walks of life who care and support the development of Suzhou.Following the level of health in Suzhou, Liu Xiaotao said that we must strive to provide Suzhou people with more convenient and high -quality health and health services, so that the people can deeply feel that living in Suzhou is very blessed.It is necessary to focus on the focus of work, focus on improving the level of medical services, strengthen public health emergency capabilities, cultivate national health literacy, promote the development of healthy industries, stimulate reform and development vitality, realize the core competitiveness of health and health, health and health service efficiency, citizens’ health level, and careerThe industrial integration development capacity has improved significantly.It is necessary to strengthen factor guarantee, strengthen organizational leadership, increase investment guarantee, strengthen talent teams, strengthen work style construction, strengthen publicity and guidance, and extensively consolidate the strong joint efforts to promote the construction of healthy Suzhou.

  In his speech, Mao Qunan said that the construction of healthy China is a comprehensive systematic project. He hopes that Suzhou will take this meeting as an opportunity to inherit the development of fine traditions, further enhance the sense of responsibility and mission, improve the top -level design, and carefully build a healthy Suzhou construction organization system;Realize the construction of co -construction and sharing, comprehensively broaden the breadth of health in Suzhou; highlight the typical leadership, expand the influence of health in Suzhou, and strive to build a new era of healthy cities in the new era of residents and hearts, and build the people’s health defense line.

  In his speech, Tan Ying said that over the years, Suzhou has persisted in creating a model of healthy China as a leading city, forming a group of copies of promoted and promoting experience, and the health of the people has continued to improve.It is hoped that Suzhou will continue to put the protection of people’s health in the strategic position of priority development, adhere to and strengthen the party’s comprehensive leadership of health and health work, focus on the primary task of high -quality development, comprehensively improve the core competitiveness of health and health and the health level of the masses, and create health.China builds the “Suzhou model”.

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