China News Network Review: Don’t let the bullying education "destroy" people tirelessly

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China News Service, Beijing, May 8th (Shao Meng) Let the boy smashed his own hand, use the ruler to play the hand, and install monitoring in his room; let the girl throw the toys and comic books into the trash bin and rebuke her “The superficial “naive” … Recently, several videos released by the social media account “Zhao Juying Family Education” have caused controversy, and netizens are questioned as bullying education.In this regard, the local education bureau said that he would intervene in the investigation.
Zhao Juying asked the boy to break his hand.Photo Source: Screenshot of Zhao Juying Social Media Account
Zhao Juying claimed to be a senior family education expert in 33 years. He toured more than 1,000 speeches. He had a son of 150 pure English world masterpieces and a 7 -year -old son who was proficient in four languages.The seemingly dazzling resume has attracted many parents’ attention.However, except for her retired elementary school teacher’s identity has been confirmed by the local education bureau, other packaging has been exposed to many doubts.
Regardless of whether her resume is true, looking at the educational concepts and methods she showed in the video of her home visits alone, it is not known as an educational expert.Whether it is simply and rudely hit, smash, throw, install monitoring and other behaviors, or “to serve the family”, “all the life is over”, “no punishment education is incomplete education” and other intimidation remarks, they are using compulsory meansSuppressing and tame students, even if it may have a short -term effect, will inevitably laid hidden dangers for the long -term development of children.
What is more worthy of thought is why such “experts” who ignore their children’s dignity and privacy and educational concepts are still highly respected by some parents, and they are still posing after the controversy?The reason why there is a market is that some parents are anxious to improve their children’s performance. I hope that children can stay away from the temptations such as comics, toys, and do not communicate effectively with their children.The media has shaped itself into a successful and professional image, and the educational concepts that worsen parents’ anxiety and output errors through words.
Family education is important to the growth of a person. The bullying and public execution -type education is not worthy of preaching. Pseudo -education experts who sell anxiety and harvest flow should not be popular on the Internet.True education should be based on equality, respect, and communication.
Don’t let the bullying education “destroy” people tirelessly. For educational accounts that are not good and bad, the platform should strengthen the review to prevent people who do not have corresponding professional qualifications to make up their identity, pass the extreme and wrong educational concepts, and let the pseudo experts appear the original form.EssenceIn addition, parents who respect Zhao Juying’s “educational experts” should also wake up.(over)

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