When the party discipline learning and education is carried out | "Daily lesson" promotes the internalization of party discipline and education, and externalization of the heart

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Recently, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued the “Notice on Carrying out Party Discipline and Education in the whole party” (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”).The “Notice” pointed out that in order to thoroughly study and implement the revised “Regulations on Disciplinary Action of the Communist Party of China” (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”), from April to July 2024, it carried out party discipline and education in the entire party.Disciplinary is the party’s lifeline. This time, the party discipline study and education in the whole party is an important measure to comprehensively strengthen the party’s discipline construction and promote the development of the party to develop strictly.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee with the highest leadership as the core has incorporated disciplinary construction into the overall layout of the party’s construction.The General Secretary of the Supreme Leadership has made important speeches and made important instructions on the development of party discipline learning and education many times. It emphasizes that “organize and carry out party discipline learning and education, guide party members and cadres to learn discipline, knowledge, Ming discipline, and discipline, and urge leading cadres to establish a correct outlook on power.The right to use, the right to use in accordance with the law, the power of civilian power, and the right to use integrity “provides an important follow for us to carry out party discipline learning and education.Strict discipline is the glory tradition and unique advantage of the party, and it is a strong guarantee for our party to continue from victory to victory.The key to promoting party discipline learning and education is to make party discipline education internalization and externalization.The majority of party members and cadres not only need to be unified in ideology, but also need to consciously observe and review them in action, engraving the ruler of the measurement of daily words and deeds, and truly use party rules and party discipline to correct the ideological actions.

Grasp the goals and highlight the focus of learning.The ruler in my heart is clear, and the action can be calibrated.The “Regulations” are an important basic party regulations that control the party to govern the party, and it is also the behavioral specifications and guidance of party organizations and all party members at all levels.To study the content of the “Regulations” carefully, we must carry forward the spirit of “drilling”. In accordance with the requirements of the central deployment, the original study, chapter by seal, and connecting practical studies can be used.Ji Ji is in mind and internalization into a guidelines for words and deeds.Contrast the new and old “Regulations”, clarify the content of the regulations, master the new regulations, further clarify what to do, what should not do, what can be done, what can not do, to solve the right to use, how to use power, how to use power, how to use power, how to use power, how to use power, how to use power, how to use power.The key issues are truly aware of the awareness, predestination, and keeping the bottom line.The party committees (party groups) at all levels should carry the main responsibility, and effectively implement the party disciplinary study and education organization and urge the implementation.Carry out special reading classes for party discipline learning and education, in a centralized study, exchange discussion, etc., in -depth study of the main points of the “Regulations”, and strengthening the propaganda interpretation of the Regulations.Party members and leading cadres must take the lead in learning, give play to the role of leading cadres to lead the learning demonstration demonstration. At the same time, focus on young cadres and key positions cadres such as cadres, etc.

Incorporate daily life, often, transform the discipline of iron into daily habits.Strengthening disciplinary education is a basic and regular work in implementing the requirements of strictly governing the party and strengthening the party’s disciplinary construction. It is necessary to be unremitting and long -lasting.Typical cases are the best “textbooks”. We must pay attention to daily warning education.Sexuality and effectiveness make discipline rules alert bell.Effectively prevent learning and practice “two skin”, insist on grasping both hands and two promotion, and closely combine the implementation of party discipline learning and education with the major decision -making deployment of the Party Central Committee, and the completion of the key tasks of the units and units of the region.They have become effective measures for promoting center work.In the study, we must consciously set up the work and put their duties in, always look at yourself, check yourself, and reflect on yourself, so as to promote the promotion of the bank, promote knowledge, and do the one; insist on learning and enlightenment and understanding.We will continue to strengthen self -cultivation, self -restraint, and self -shaping, and promote improvement of style through party discipline learning; keep in mind the original mission, enhance the dislike and firmness, and unswervingly maintain the consistencyUnified thinking, unified will, unified action, and work hard to learn and achieve results in work.

Deepen theoretical learning and strive to integrate.Carrying out party discipline learning and education includes not only studying the Regulations, but also in -depth study of the party constitution and party rules, as well as “The Supreme Leaders’ Disciplinary and Rules of the Party”, “Supreme Leadership About the Strict and Strict Party Discussion (2021 Edition)”Wait, insist on using the highest leaders in the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics to condense the soul.By carrying out party discipline learning and education, more consciously study the party constitution, abide by the party constitution, implement the party constitution, and maintain the party constitution, and wake up the party’s party constitutional awareness in supervising discipline, reviewing investigation, and ideological and political work.Look at the party discipline literature in series, often look at the new and more understanding, knowing it more, further deepen the understanding of ignoring the party discipline and violating the harmfulness of the party discipline, strengthen discipline awareness, strengthen self -constraints, improve immune capacity, Strengthening political determination, discipline determination, morality, resistance to corruption, and always be loyal and clean.Vigorously promote the style of Marxism, resolutely oppose formalism, and ensure that party discipline learning and education are practiced in a good style.

Carrying out party discipline learning and education is a major decision -making arrangement made by the Party Central Committee with the top leader and comrades. It is an important measure to strengthen the party’s disciplinary construction and promote the development of the party in comprehensive and strictly governing the party to the development of the party.The nine -story table started to exhaust the soil.To implement the party discipline learning and education, we must deeply understand the decisive significance of “two establishment”, and resolutely achieve “two maintenance”.The rules have been implemented in all their own work, and they have achieved real results to promote party discipline learning and education.

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