Dai Bin: Sinking market is the new blue ocean of the tourism classic business format market

  Beijing News Shell Finance News On March 19, the 2024 China Tourism Leisure and Entertainment Industry Annual Conference opened.At the meeting, Dai Bin, the dean of the China Tourism Research Institute, pointed out that the total number of domestic travel in China is higher than that of the total domestic tourism, which does not mean that the consumption is downgraded, but the consumption foundation has a strong foundation for consumption in the tourism market.He pointed out that the per capita consumption of domestic tourists across the country has risen overall.”If the tourists living in a five -star hotel in the past are now going to the economy hotels in third- and fourth -tier cities, they can interpret consumer downgrade. Then, if you add more tourists from low -level cities, counties in the county area, and rural residents, you can then you canThink that the tourism market has become thicker. “

  Data show that during the Spring Festival this year, the travel rate of rural residents across the country reached 24.6%, and the number of tourists accounted for 24.7%of domestic tourists.”For the classic tourism format, the sinking market is undoubtedly the new blue ocean and a new track in the market.” Dai Bin said, “We must control the market foundation in order to promote the innovation and development of enterprises. Although we need Haichang and Fangte, Happy Valley and Disney town, but don’t forget that we also need Shijingshan Amusement Park. “

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