[Economic Observation] The Qingming holiday is approaching, "flower", "tea", "food" singing lingering cultural tourism consumption prelude

The Qingming small holiday is approaching, and the data released by a number of tourism platforms show that because only 3 days of vacation, Qingming small holiday tourists travel mainly for short -distance travel.Throughout the Qingming holiday, various places actively set up articles such as “flowers”, “tea” and “food”, in order to attract more tourists and strive to make cultural tourism consumption burst into new vitality.

Flower viewing is the hottest keyword of the Qingming small holiday.In Wuyuan, Jiangxi, plain rapeseed flowers have been blooming one after another; in Nyingchi, Tibet, peach blossoms and snow mountain glaciers complement each other, and the best viewing period will be ushered in at the end of the month.The number of ticket orders of “flower appreciation” and “stepping green” increased by more than 428%month -on -month, and the number of accommodation orders increased by 700%month -on -month.

The flowers are similar every year, and the “reward” of the year is different.In order to allow tourists to swim in the sea of flowers, use flowers as a medium, innovate flower -viewing products, integrate cultural creativity, explore the integration of the format, so that the “flower viewing economy” will not stop in “walking and watching flowers.”

On the one hand, some places actively explore new gameplay such as “flower viewing+folk customs”, “flower viewing+sports”, “flower viewing+picking”, “flower viewing+hot spring”; on the other hand, the form of flower viewing has also begun to diverse.For example, as a well -known domestic cherry blossom viewing place, Wuxi Touyu opened a “water, land, empty” panoramic cherry blossom viewing mode. In addition to land tour, ferry and water line were also launched.

However, sometimes flowers bloom, “flower viewing economy” is also limited by short flowers. Therefore, localities should also use “flower resources” according to local conditions to enlarge and strengthen the “flower economy”.For example, in some places to extend the flowering period by increasing the variety of flowers or the help of modern planting technology, and then attract more tourists; some places use flower viewing to continuously improve supporting facilities such as local transportation, hotels, etc.Combining local culture and economic and trade activities, digging the characteristics and highlights, and making the flower viewing economy bigger and stronger.

In addition to flowers, tea picking was just at the time.Flying Pig data shows that the Qingming holiday includes the “tea collection” and “asking tea tour” of the immersive experience and the study of tea culture.

Malaysia’s big data shows that visiting the Kasuga Tea Garden, understanding Chinese tea culture, and taste of the first spring tea this year became the heart of young people.”Recommended homestays with tea collection experience” “What are the tourist destinations that are rich in white tea?” “Where can you pick spring tea in Guangdong” and other tea -related gameplay experience in the Malaysian Honeycomb Raiders Group has increased significantly.

From the museum tour that has been high for many years, to the folk customs and non -remaining tours of social networks during the Spring Festival this year, and tea picking tour that has continued to rise in the near future, young people’s preference for traditional Chinese culture will be more younger for more young people.The tourism development of the destinations brings opportunities.Related cities can develop the service model of “Tea Culture Display+Experience Tourism”, develop tea travel integration products such as tea research and tea culture experience, and continue to advance the integrated development of tea tourism.

Featured food is a great magic weapon to attract tourists.On March 21, the train tickets on the first day of the 2024 Qingming small holiday were sold on the first day, and some cars were sold out during Tianshui, Zibo and other destinations.As of March 20, the search popularity of Tianshui Travel on the Tongcheng Travel Platform has increased by 616%from last week.During the Ching Ming’s Qingming holiday, the popularity of tourism during the long holidays increased by more than 200%.On the platform where to go, more than 60 % of college students shared their travel experience are related to “eating” -even the main reason for them to travel.

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