Zhuhai designers appeared in China International Fashion Week with the "Hehe" series

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AW24 China International Fashion Week is in progress.With the theme of “Fu”, it leads the trend of pioneer fashion.On the afternoon of March 29, in the Beijing 798 Art District, designers from Zhuhai, Zhang Wei, expressed the essence and charm of traditional culture through the theme of “Hehe” and won praise from the industry through fashion.
China International Fashion Week is a fashion vane and a stage for outstanding designers to show its style.Zhang Wei graduated from the Royal University of Melbourne, Australia. He has his own unique insight in the design of clothing and graphics and patterns.EssenceIn 2010, she officially founded Cindy Wei ZHANG Studio, a personal name of the same name, hoping to combine Chinese elements and Chinese culture and clothing through design.
Zhang Wei introduced that “Hehe” represents a state of integration and symbiosis of the new and old, and its inspiration is from the art of gold.Jin Yin, the name, is like its words, with gold as a clothing, and renovation as a good job. It is a ceramic repair technology that originated in China.The principle is to paint the paint at the edge of the ceramic fragments, stick the fragments to polish, and restore it to the original state of the utensil.”The core of the technology of the goldenness is that the cooperation between craftsmen and nature must conform to nature and be good at compromising to nature. This natural mood and unique artistic method of nature will perfectly create a aesthetic experience of ‘harmony’.”Zhang Wei said.
According to reports, each design of the “Hehe” series has been carefully designed and produced, reflecting the craftsman’s ultimate pursuit of craftsmanship and materials.The designer uses a large number of fabric reconstruction techniques to express the traditional repair skills such as Jin Yong, and cleverly handle and repair the clothing, making the clothing rejuvenating and becoming more precious.At the same time, the designer focuses on combining traditional skills with modern design to create artistic works.The use of a large amount of porcelain pattern printing outlines the beauty of the incomplete lines during the repair of gold, giving each piece of unique value and charm, showing the essence and charm of traditional culture.
The clothing series designed by Zhang Wei this season integrates the essence and aesthetic concept of the goldenness technology into modern fashion through the clever matching and use of colors.The black, coffee color, gold and beige color selected not only reflect the traditional color tone of the art of gold, but also visually create a elegant and deep beauty.
In addition, the clothing series designed by Zhang Wei this season has created a aesthetic style that reflects both Chinese elements and modern porcelain and lacquerware patterns with the pattern patterns of traditional Chinese porcelain and lacquerware.This season’s use of various methods such as gold, bleeding, embroidery, and bead embroidery shows unique artistic charm and profound cultural heritage.The gold and blee technology is used to create gorgeous and elegant visual effects in the design of this season, and simulate the effect of gold and silver lines to repair cracks in the gold and silver process.In this season’s design, the traditional pattern patterns such as plum blossoms and orchids are exquisitely presented by embroidery technology, as well as the complex texture of gold cracks, adding unique artistic value and cultural connotation.
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