Digital economy -driven universities dual -innovation education paradigm changes

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As an emerging force, the digital economy has become increasingly becoming the “new engine” of China’s economic growth.The development of the digital economy depends on innovation leadership, and innovation leaders require the support of talents and intelligence.Therefore, in the context of digital education, colleges and universities must innovate and innovate and entrepreneurship education models, and cultivate high -quality talents that can adapt to and lead the digital economy development.At present, the integration of innovation and entrepreneurship education and digital economy in universities is not enough, providing inadequate support for Chinese -style modern development.The specific manifestations in the construction of innovation and entrepreneurial education work mechanisms and innovation and entrepreneurship incubation platforms lagging behind, insufficient professional literacy and technical reserves of students, weak business ethics and digital civilization education in the era of digital economy, innovative and entrepreneurial talents with digital technology processing capabilities and digital economy practitionersIn terms of supply and so on, the innovation and entrepreneurial industry chain, innovation chain, education chain, talent chain, and digital chain are limited.

In the context of the digital economy, the special integration has become the reform direction of innovation and entrepreneurship education in the new era.From the perspective of changes in university innovation and entrepreneurship education paradigms, the national social development needs have triggered the formulation of national innovation and entrepreneurship policies, and thus triggers the development and change of innovation and entrepreneurial education paradigm of colleges and universities, and become the source of the changes in the changes of the paradigm of innovation and entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities.Based on the digital economic background of Chinese -style education modernization, the author believes that innovation and entrepreneurial education in universities should be reformed from the following aspects.

First, innovate, innovate, entrepreneurship education and educating people.The first is to enhance the linkage of innovation and entrepreneurial education, ideological and political education, and professional education. We must not only increase the education concepts of entrepreneurial spirit, the history of reform and opening up in ideological and political education courses, and education.In the form of curriculum ideology and politics, it integrates innovative and entrepreneurial education, forming an innovative and entrepreneurial education paradigm that has a complete system, China Unicom’s ideological education and professional education, and connecting to school resources and social resources.The second is to take innovation and entrepreneurial education as the basic work of the training of college talents, and use all students as the target of talent training to meet the development needs of students, promote the balance of supply and demand for innovation and entrepreneurship education resources, and cultivate students to adapt to the professional knowledge required for the development of the times.Digital skills and innovation capabilities, promote the return of innovation and entrepreneurship education to the essence of education and the value positioning of talent quality.The third is to take innovation and entrepreneurship education as an important indicator of the goal of college talent training. Use innovative and entrepreneurial education link students to cultivate and employer needs, professional teaching and scientific research, theoretical education and practice training, revise professional talent training programs, quantitative student innovation and entrepreneurial work indicatorsFocusing on cultivating innovative and entrepreneurial talents with entrepreneurial spirit, professional background, and adapting to the development of the digital economy.

Secondly, empower the innovation and entrepreneurial education mechanism.The first is to improve organizational organizations, form a school leader, innovation and entrepreneurial institute, department linkage, and college responsibility, integrated, synergistic, and connected organizational leadership mechanism.The second is to improve the operating mechanism, form the main line of the cultivation of college students’ innovation, entrepreneurial consciousness, and innovation and entrepreneurial ability, and use innovative and entrepreneurial colleges as the hub to strengthen the coordinated linkage of schools, school enterprises, schools, and government, schools, enterprises, enterprises, enterprises, enterprises, enterprises, enterprises, enterprises, enterprises, enterprises, enterprises, enterprises, enterprises, enterprises, enterprises, enterprises, enterprises, and enterprises,Coordinated by the main body of makers, focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship of multi -party mobile information and data sharing, realizing the interactive blend of theoretical teaching, incubation base management, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, integration of production and education, school -enterprise cooperation, and international exchanges, Vitality burst, benign interactive innovation and entrepreneurial full -chain coordinated operation mechanism.The third is to build a education ecology, rely on school innovation and entrepreneurial incubation bases, college maker space, professional laboratories and other innovative and entrepreneurial resources, and develop comprehensive, design experiments and innovation and entrepreneurial training projects based on the integration of specialization and integration, which stimulates students based on themselves based on themselves.Innovative and entrepreneurial interest in development needs, optimize the circulation of innovation and entrepreneurship in colleges and universities, and deepen the reform of “decentralization of management”, link with the resident governments and enterprises to form a crowd -creation space with supplements, use live education resources, strengthen college innovation and entrepreneurial education educationOutside circulation forms a full -process dual -cycle college innovation and entrepreneurship ecology.

Third, broaden the path of innovation and entrepreneurship education.The first is to strengthen the cultivation of innovation and entrepreneurial education teachers, absorb entrepreneurs and industry experts, form a team of innovation and entrepreneurial teachers across disciplines, and across disciplines, build large databases of teaching resources, expand online teaching resources, and cultivate innovation with “dual number”Entrepreneurship education teacher team.The second is to deepen the reform of digital teaching models, integrate ideological and political education courses, innovation and entrepreneurial education courses, and professional education courses, promote innovation and entrepreneurial education in content, form, resources to expand professional education extension, focus on the cultivation of “digital talents”, combine “New Engineering “practice enables college students’ innovation ability and entrepreneurial skills to root in professional education. The acquisition of digital skills relies on innovation and entrepreneurship practice, helping to achieve innovation and entrepreneurial education with the times, society, marketing, and professional docking.The ability to examine the ability to design an innovation and entrepreneurial course system based on the entire process of talent training.The third is to promote the integration of digital economy and education, and joint government, enterprises, and scientific research institutions to rely on key discipline majors to build open, shared, and multi -disciplinary collaborations, including high -level digital economic practice teaching platforms, internship training digital bases, innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurshipDigital platforms and scientific research conversion digital platforms and other platform carriers are integrated and experienced digital technology innovation and entrepreneurial platforms.Through platform data sharing and digital intelligence, chain breakthroughs are caused, and an experienced digital technology innovation and entrepreneurial platform of production, learning, and research is established.

In addition, we must pay attention to the training of digital skills, and integrate the labor concept guidance of the digital economy era in the era of innovation and entrepreneurship education and professional training, and business ethics and digital civilization education in the digital economy era. Focus on entrepreneurial cultivation, innovation and entrepreneurshipThinking training and digital knowledge and skills infiltration, exploring the establishment of labor education, thinking leadership, innovation and entrepreneurial education integration system, and comprehensively improve students’ innovative and entrepreneurial quality.

(The author unit is Qingdao University of Technology; this article is the key project of the “Digital Education Times of Digained Education Entrepreneurship Education and Ideological Political Education Two -Direct Integration Construction Research Research on the Times of Digained Education Times” in the 2023 China Higher Education Science Research Planning Project.Research on the key project of higher education science research and planning projects of Higher Education Society of Higher Education Society “Research on Paradics of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Talents in Digital Economy” [Project Number: 22CX0205] phased results)

“China Education News”, March 25, 2024, 6th edition 6 

Open -column

During the two sessions of this year, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized when participating in the review of the 14th National People’s Congress Jiangsu delegation, deepening the reform of the scientific and technological system, education system, and talent system, and opened up the stuffing point of restraining new productivity development.In the top ten key tasks of the government this year, “vigorously promoting the construction of the modern industrial system and accelerating the development of new productivity” ranked first.As a key combination of education, science and technology, and talent, and important intersection points, colleges and universities should hand over their own answers to cultivate new quality productive forces.Beginning in this issue, Higher Education Weekly has opened a phased column- “The development of new quality universities can be promising”. The managers and practitioners in the field of higher education are invited to express their opinions from different angles, so stay tuned.Submit emails to [email protected].

The development of new productive forces universities is greatly available    

Education, science and technology, and talents are the basic and strategic support of comprehensively building socialist modern countries.Among the three, talents are the most creative leading factor, and they are the fundamental force to support my country’s high -level technology self -reliance, cultivating and developing new productive for new quality.

As a centralized intersection of education, science and technology, and talents, how to further build an innovative talent team to serve and support the formation and development of my country’s new quality productive forces?At present, the majority of universities must theoretically grasp the connotation of new productive forces and explore the implementation path of the construction of innovative talent teams in practice.

The first is to take the development of new quality and productivity as the mission, unite and consolidate strategic innovative talents.

Accelerating the cultivation and development of new quality productivity is an important foundation for the realization of Chinese -style modernization.Based on the new stage of development, college talents must adhere to the comprehensive leadership of the party, unite and unite a group of outstanding talents with a strong patriotic spirit, family feelings, strategic vision, and innovative consciousness. Responsibilities are exhibited by the cultivation of advanced productive forces that are compatible with the modernization of Chinese -style modernization, and have achieved themselves in the cause of the motherland and serving the people, forming my country’s independent strategic innovative talents.Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics fully implements the party’s education policy, inherit the red gene, promotes the spirit of the Beihang Election of “Empty Heaven” as the core of Beihang, guides the majority of teachers to be “the big of the country”, and in -depth practice of the “scientist spirit” and “educator spirit”.Taking service countries as the highest pursuit, all kinds of talents are condensed around the party’s cause.

The second is the main line of new quality productivity to accelerate the layout of the new subject system.

New productivity is the leading role of innovation. It has advanced productivity, high -tech, high -efficiency and high -quality characteristics, and is in line with the new development concept. The core driving force lies in innovation.At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution with artificial intelligence, quantum technology, new energy, and new materials as its main features is in the ascendant, and the main generation elements of new productive forces are accelerating to gather to various innovative subjects.Universities must firmly grasp the major historical opportunities of a new round of scientific and technological revolution, accelerate the layout of new subjects, and promote the development of new quality of productivity.”Excellent talents with breakthroughs in key core technology.Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics is guided by the “four aspects” and condenses 175 disciplines.By injecting digital, intelligent, and green elements, we will further consolidate the traditional advantages of empty sky technology and information fields; focus on cutting -edge fields such as new energy, new materials, artificial intelligence, and atomic manufacturing, layout the interdisciplinary center to accelerate the cultivation of emerging discipline growth poles.Adhere to the disciplinary team, open up new directions with talents, and ensure the accurate matching of the talent team and the main position of new productivity.

The third is guided by the demand for new productivity development to vigorously enhance the global attraction of innovative talents.

The development momentum of new productivity lies in innovation and talent.As a “national team”, as a strategic innovation talent forces, it is necessary to actively integrate into the overall situation of new productive development of the country and region, cited the citation, accelerate the establishment of strategic scientists’ layout, leading talents, leading young talents, and innovative teams to cooperate with the innovation teams.Talent team goose array pattern.On the one hand, it is necessary to aim at the needs of future industries and scientific and technological development, accelerate the reform of curriculum and teaching reform, vigorously cultivate new workers, and continuously improve innovative talents to supply autonomy and controllable capabilities.On the other hand, we must adhere to the openness of talents, collaborate on schools and land, and attract global talents, especially graduates from world -class universities, to first -class colleges and universities such as “China Zhigu” and “China Silicon Valley”.”Following a group”, innovating and entrepreneurship.Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics is based on the overall construction of the capital talent highland, and has organized scientific research advantages of “big platforms, big teams, large projects, and contributions”. The support team leaders quickly grow into top scientists.The Talent Zone of the Academy of Cross Science Research brings together top scientists and first -class innovative talents in the world.In 2023, five professors were elected academicians of the two colleges, and the proportion of national talent teachers ranked among the best, forming a benign pattern of talent to help care for career development and business inspiration.

The fourth is based on the innovation point of new productivity elements, and strives to create a high -energy -level talent platform system.

High -energy platforms are the basic elements of new productive forces and an important carrier to gather innovative talents and scientific research facilities.Universities should actively participate in the national science and technology innovation platform system with national laboratories, major national scientific and technological infrastructure, and national key laboratories as the core. It is introduced, cultivated, and made good use of talents through high -energy platform systems to focus on major issues.Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics deeply participate in the construction of the national laboratory, the national key laboratory reorganization and upgrade, lead the construction of a major national science and technology infrastructure, plan and build a group of science and education collaborative platforms that integrate talent cultivation, scientific and technological research, professional practical teaching and other functions.Coupling support with national platforms, forming a high -energy platform system, comprehensively improving the ability of talents and support for talent resources, and providing basic support for accelerating scientific and technological innovation and developing new productive forces.

Fifth, based on the reform of the talent work mechanism as the entry point, build a new type of production relationship that adapts to new productivity.

Continue to improve the talent evaluation system, so that the “production relationship” of talent work meets the needs of new product development development, and is the inherent requirements for building strategic innovative talents.Universities should establish a standard -based talent selection mechanism, trust -based talent use mechanism, and an incentive mechanism -oriented distribution incentive mechanism -oriented incentives for innovation quality, so that talents who have true talents are useful.Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics adheres to comprehensive reform and systematic innovation, with optimizing evaluation mechanisms and resource allocation as the starting point to comprehensively improve talent efficiency.Adhere to outstanding classification, build a series of teachers’ series of post systems; adhere to the establishment of a teacher development evaluation mechanism with high -end results and classification evaluation as the core; adhere to the guidance orientation of contribution, build a performance salary system in inspiring innovation, and outstanding contributions.These methods are conducive to the emergence of outstanding talents, and the new production relationships that are more adaptable to the development of new productive forces have been continuously improved.

Sixth, the “last mile” of the industrialization of innovation achievements is used to open up new productive forces.

The core of new productivity is innovation, and the carrier is industry.Innovative results must be transformed into productivity, and through the way of industrialization, and seizing the commanding heights of industrial competition, we must focus on strategic emerging industries and future industries.”The full chain continues to enhance the talent of talents, continuously enhances the ability of innovation to support industrial development, and comprehensively consolidates the main position of new productive for new productive forces.Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics actively integrates into the development strategy of major national regional regional regions, implement the “Sunshine Action” of results transformation, promote the transfer and transformation of major scientific and technological achievements, and explore the construction of a new “integration chain” from the construction of innovative talents in colleges and universities to the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements.The formation and development of new productive forces.

(The author is the Minister of Human Resources of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics)

“China Education News” March 25, 2024 Edition 5 

■ In order to effectively respond to and solve the problems of campus contradictions and disputes, the Ningbo Education Bureau has established a campus contradiction transfer resolution center

■ The center effectively integrates the resources of all parties, established a powerful professional mediation team, and established a three -level mediation system for the “city -district -school”

■ Relying on the team of experts to promote the standardized construction of the resolution and resolution of the dispute between the school, improve the ability and efficiency of the school’s related contradictions and disputes in the school, and earnestly achieve “the small things do not go out of the school, the contradictions are not intertwined”


Not long ago, at the Social Governance Center of the Dazhou District of Ningbo City, the special experts of the Ningbo Campus Contracement Subtraction Center headed by Pan Mingjie, headed by Pan Mingjie, headed by Pan Mingjie, jointly “attended the clinic” to analyze the schools who came to the “consultation”.Research, prescriptions on the scene, providing “one case, one strategy”.On the same day, there were colleges, ordinary high schools and vocational high schools who came to “consultation”. Some of them were consulting emergencies, and some were consulting aging “accumulation”. After listening to the detailed analysis of the expert team, there were newThinking.

In order to effectively respond to and crack the problems of campus contradictions and disputes, the Ningbo Education Bureau actively explored and innovated, and in November 2023, the Ningbo Campus Contracement Solution Center (hereinafter referred to as “center”) was established.Under the guidance of the Ningbo Municipal Party Committee’s Political and Legal Committee and the Municipal Education Bureau, the Center was jointly built by the Social Governance Center of the Puzhou District, the Yongan Campus Safety Promotion Center, and was participated in the co -construction of many social organizations such as the Social Collaborative Governance Research Institute.The establishment of the center provides a professional mediation platform for campus contradictions, which is the vivid practice of “Maple Bridge Experience” in the field of education in Zhejiang.

Jiang Hefa, director of the Ningbo Campus Safety Promotion Center of Ningbo City, introduced that in the past, contradictions and disputes in campus were usually come on with the school’s security management department and in charge of leaders to communicate directly with parents.There will be a phenomenon of contradictions and upgrades, and some events will also form social hotspots.After the establishment of the center, the third -party social collaborative governance organization was introduced, and a professional team of mediation experts was formed to try to explore a new way for campus safety governance.”From ‘single -shot horse’ to ‘team operations’.” Jiang Hefa described the changes brought about after the establishment of the center, and gradually gathered professional forces to provide strong intellectual support for resolving campus contradictions and disputes.

The center radiates the city of Ningbo and serves the city’s education system.Once a campus contradiction occurs, schools and parents can directly call the hotline or seek help from the center through the education administrative department.After receiving the application for help, the center will assign medievagers to intervene at the first time to understand the start and end of the research and judgment incident.

According to the person in charge of the School Safety Management Office of the Ningbo Education Bureau, the center effectively integrates the resources of all parties, established a strong professional mediation team, and established a three -level mediation system for the “city -district -school”.At the same time, relying on the team of experts to analyze, study and judge specific cases, promote the standardized construction of the resolution of conflicts and disputes involving schools, improve the ability and efficiency of schools to deal with conflicts and disputes in schools, improve the ability and level of campus safety governance, Effectively achieve “small things do not go out of school, contradictions are not intertwined.”

At present, the center has more than 30 part -time mediators and seven special mediation experts.Some of these experts come from the education system and have rich experience in campus safety management; some are the famous “old lady” (Note: referring to the elders with prestigious hope), such as the “Old Pan Police (joint adjustment) center”Pan Mingjie, the person in charge, has been engaged in the people’s mediation for more than 10 years; there are industry experts, such as psychological counseling experts, social workers, lawyers, etc.With the support of experts in various majors and fields, the center can set up countermeasures to mediate teams according to the case.

“Starting from the law, under the large framework of the law, we must be as reasonable and legal and compliant as much as possible, help all parties to reasonably follow the mind, increase communication, promote the problem of solving problems and prevent contradictions.”Mediation experience.

As of now, the center has received 6 cases of campus contradictions, four of which have been successfully mediate; experts have analyzed more than 10 on -site analysis and judgment incidents, and organized 2 campus safety lectures.For events where mediation is successful, the center will follow up the situation of the two parties to perform the mediation agreement between the contradictions; for events that are still in the mediation, the center will also return to the contradictions from time to time to follow up with the psychological changes of the two parties in real time, find the mediation “window period”, Actively promote contradictions.

It is understood that the campus contradictions and disputes currently mediated in the center are generally divided into two categories: one is an emergency emergency, and the other is the “accumulated case” that has not been resolved for a long time, which is the incurable disease.In the next step, the center plans to move the port forward and analyze the incident in advance.At the same time, relying on the team of experts to carry out theoretical research simultaneously, divide the incidents that have occurred in the past, summarize the internal laws, compile cases, and enhance guidance and operability.

“The resolution of campus contradictions is an important part of the entire social governance.” Shen Yingcheng, chairman of the Social Cooperation Research Institute, said that they are committed to the balance of multi -party forces through social collaborative governance in order to achieve “maximum social interests.”In the future, they will continue to work in data -driven, platform -based collaboration, multiple subject participation, intelligent application system creation, and enhance social trust, help the center develop in the direction of professionalism, authority, and precisionTeachers and students and parents provide high -quality services, and strive to create a new model of campus risk incidents with Ningbo characteristics.

“China Education News”, March 25, 2024, 1st edition 

■ Walking on the road of education and strong country, focusing on talent self -cultivation

Entering the campus of Shanghai Shanghai Middle School, the fir trees are straight and upright, towering into the clouds, and it is becoming more and more eye -catching under the sun.The power that grows up is derived from the thick foundation of rooting soil.

“Storage of talents and preparing for the country” is the purpose of running the school in a century -old school.Feng Zhigang, the principal of Shanghai Middle School, said that it is necessary to create a rich soil for the growth of diverse talents for the growth of future innovative talents for the country, so that more “small seedlings” thrive and become the national pillar.

How to cultivate the soil cultivated by innovative talents?How to pave the road for students to grow diverse?Since 2008, Shanghai Middle School has successively launched “substantial” cooperation with 17 universities and research institutions such as Shanghai Jiaotong University, Fudan University, Tongji University, and East China University of Technology.… Gradually condense formed a large middle school collaborative education mechanism led with “academic interest and literacy improvement”.

Inspiring aspiration, each student can find his own “track”

College middle schools together with the seedlings of innovative talents. How should high school education start the base point from the requirements of implementing the strategic layout of education, technology, and talent integration?The answer given by Shanghai Middle School is that by establishing and improving the curriculum system and education mode, focusing on academic interest navigation, and creating a good environment for all students to improve innovative literacy.

“Innovative people are not ‘unplugs’, but’ rush out.” Feng Zhigang introduced that he introduced first -class professional teachers of college to middle schools, set up a rich curriculum system to create a suitable soil for innovative talents to help students in freedom in freedomFind the direction and “track” that suits you best in full exploration. This is the road that Shanghai Middle School has been taking.

Innovation is personalized and divided.Since 2008, Shanghai Middle School has cooperated with many universities such as Shanghai Jiaotong University, East China University of Technology, Tongji University, etc. to select “strong potential” students with high comprehensive quality and innovative potential.A special course in 12 directions such as physics, chemistry, life sciences, computer science, engineering, and energy is set up. In addition to the study of daily curriculum, scientific education is carried out in project system and laboratory curriculum.

12 special courses in 12 directions are set up in all students in the experimental classes. Students choose the direction of interest in 12 directions. Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon participating in the special courses of the selected direction.Research on topics.”This is a process of helping students to discover interest. During this, cooperative colleges and universities sent teachers to participate in lessons, guidance, and tracking. Specialized courses and inquiry courses accounted for more than 25%of total hours.”explain.

Since 2009, Shanghai Middle School has cooperated with the first -class professional fields of many universities, and has opened an innovative experimental group for all students to choose to create cultivation conditions for students in the fields of different development potential and interest.

In addition to the traditional experimental groups such as finance, automobiles, software engineering, the experimental group and laboratory of bionic robots and nano -photonology have also entered the campus of Shanghai Middle School.

“The number of students in each experimental group is about 20, and it is also mainly based on the inquiry type and project -based courses. The purpose is to allow students to gradually cultivate the spirit of innovation through innovative courses and topic research on the basis of interest.”Li Fengyun, the person in charge of the laboratory construction.

He nodded, smiled, frowned … In the bionic robot laboratory set up with Shanghai Institute of Technology, the reporter saw that several students were operating high simulation robots to make their expression changes.The opening of the special courses and research on topics cannot be separated from the high -level innovation laboratory.In addition to the conventional laboratory, Shanghai Middle School and universities cooperate to build more than 30 modern digital innovation laboratories including neuroscience and genetic engineering, modern instrument analysis, and environmental engineering, forming a “Brain Science and Artificial Intelligence Experiment Center”, “Analysis and Testing Center”, “Education and Testing Center”The media center “” STEM Science and Technology Innovation Center “and other cross -disciplinary characteristics centers explore the experimental platform. It is continuously updated according to science and technology and social development, cultivates students’ hands -on ability, and promotes innovative inquiry in the field of interest.

In addition, Shanghai Middle School implements stratified courses vertically through horizontally to expand the number of curriculums to ensure the richness and high selectivity of the course, so that students can have a personalized course system that meets their own level and specialty.The school’s curriculum diagram is divided into three parts: sub -map of eugenics moral education courses, learning fields in the field of learning, and advantageous potential development courses.

According to reports, the school has developed 877 development courses for students to choose from. Each semester can provide more than 150 elective courses involving 14 disciplines.These courses have become a support for students’ personalized development to ensure that each student can find their own “track”.

At the same time, the school will also invite university professors and mentor teams to the school to conduct academic lectures. Among them, there are many Nobel Prize, the Phils Award, and the Turing Award.

“Academic lectures have greatly broaden my cognition and thinking. I learned a lot of cutting -edge scientific hotspots or technical issues. In the face -to -face contact and ideological collision with the master, I not only discovered my own aspirations and found my subject research.There is also a stronger sense of responsibility, pride and mission. “Chen Haoyu, senior high school student of Shanghai Middle School.

Cultivate literacy and make students the “protagonist” of inquiry

In Shanghai Middle School, whether it is a science and technology class, engineering classes, or students participating in the experimental team, under the guidance of special courses inside and outside the school, under the guidance of special courses in the school, ask questions based on the accumulation of knowledge in interest.Project training.

“Good problems are connected to reality. We encourage students to find problems from life and make students become ‘protagonists’. Experts have just helped.” Since 2008, Chen Weidong, a professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University, has participated in the direction of the engineering direction of Shanghai Middle School.Curriculum settings, responsible for coordinating engineering research and robotic course teaching. He believes that it is particularly critical to cultivate students’ independent thinking ability and autonomy.

Why can the mountain tiger climb the wall successfully?While strolling in the park, the student of Shanghai Middle School, Chu Chuyan inadvertently discovered the biological phenomenon, inspiring his curiosity.Under the guidance of teachers inside and outside the school, he used the anatomical mirror, microscope, automatic slicer and other tools to repeatedly experimented to successfully explore the phenomenon that “the top of the mountain climbing tiger is positive and grounded.”With this research topic, recently, he won the Qiu Chengtong Science Award, known as the “Chinese Youth Nobel Prize”.

The children who “play” are really “learning”.In Shanghai Middle School, the task of the school is to create more “play” conditions for children and encourage children to explore themselves.

“‘Learning’ should have a goal, I should be able to ask questions. I tie it in, practice it, and then see where I can solve this subject. Please remember that you will never be drowned in the ocean of knowledge. You will never be drowned.. “On many occasions, Feng Zhigang used such words to encourage students.

Focusing on academic interests, Shanghai Middle School has continuously expanded the depth and breadth of cooperation with universities.In 2014, Shanghai Middle School cooperated with Fudan University to launch the “Academic Interest and Literacy Cultivation Mestery Program”. The courses set by the plan pay attention to the refinement of thinking and methods of various professional fields, and issue more basic disciplines, humanistic literacy and other courses for students., Actively activate students’ internal driving force.

In the “mentor system” plan, a total of 41 “micro -curriculum” orientation of the problem -oriented “micro -course” involves 12 discipline categories including mathematics, physics, chemistry, history, philosophy, politics, economy, and medicine, accounting for “basic disciplines70.5%of the basic discipline categories in the top student training plan 2.0, which are borne by teachers at Fudan University.

Zhang Zhishun, deputy director of the Academic Affairs Office of Shanghai Middle School, studied at Keqing College of Fudan University when he went to college. Now, he is the docker of the Shanghai Middle School’s “Mentor System” plan.In his opinion, the preaching of the mentor has an extraordinary leading role.After a two -way choice, after each of the professors participating in the “mentor system” plan, after pairing with 4 to 5 students, they spent two hours a month to communicate face -to -face, talk, and discuss disciplines and academic issues.

“The instructor’s in -depth guidance made me experience the fun of exploring the unknown field, opened my academic horizons, and gave me a stronger academic longing and academic belief.”Yuan Changhao, a senior high school student in middle school, said that compared with the award, the academic interest cultivated in the in -depth exchanges with the mentor, the true spirit of seeking the truth in the inquiry of the subject, and the thinking methods behind the issue of the problem are even more valuable.

In addition, students will take the topic into the university laboratory, enter the scientific research team, feel true academics, and really participate in the academic research system.The “Academic Week” activity set up in Shanghai Middle School in May each year becomes a bond between university professors and middle school students. Students talk to the professors in terms of science and technology and humanistic inquiry.germination.

Take a bridge and achieve a win -win situation for long -term mechanisms

Focus on the interest and wait for the flowers to bloom.In the past 15 years, Shanghai Middle School has been guided by students’ academic interest and literacy cultivation. In many aspects of curriculum development, research guidance, “strong potential” student guidance, such as universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises to form a community of educating people, and have personality to students to personally personality.Guidance, precision, and three -dimensional guidance, guide students to perform talents in professional fields under the leadership of interest, and gradually find out the positioning of personal career development.

According to statistics, from 2017 to 2022, students who participated in the “mentoring system” program throughout the process of college studies and the “mentor system” plan course matching rate matching rate was about 85%. Graduates chose to enter the 35 national “card neck” fields.40%, 70.5%who chose to enter the field of basic disciplines.Among the graduates participating in the “mentor system” plan, 84%are still studying for master’s and doctoral degrees in their academic leading matching fields.

“Both basic education and higher education are assumed an important task for national education. The” mentoring system ‘plan has played a demonstration role in building a new pattern of connecting education in Da Middle School. “At the graduation ceremony of the instructor planning of literacy, Professor Jiang Simin, then the director of the Academic Affairs Office of Fudan University.

Shanghai Middle School focuses on the academic interest navigation of students, and deepen the diverse path of cooperation between middle schools and universities. This substantial “large and medium -China cooperation” can get rid of the utilitarian thinking of educating people from the perspective of enrollment and selecting.Strategic transportation of reserve talents common.In order to promote the seamless docking of large and middle school cooperation, Shanghai Middle School has established a teaching assistant team for the university mentors. The discipline teachers in the corresponding fields of schools are equipped as teaching assistants, and they will assist in arranging students to manage and evaluate incentives.The university mentor communicates with middle school teachers, and is closer to the development needs of middle school students in the preparation and implementation of related courses. At the same time, high school teachers’ academic vision, subject research level and curriculum development capabilities are exercised, and then better guide studentsPersonalized growth.

“Organize students to participate in curriculum learning and subject inquiry as a university teacher instructor, and take the initiative to take the role of curriculum developers, executives, and inquiries.Teacher Zheng Si said.

Combined with the characteristics of the times and the future growth needs of students, teachers of Shanghai Middle School independently developed and designed university priorities in mathematics, physics, chemistry and other fields for interesting students to choose from.Recent12 modules such as electronic technology, open source hardware and sensor foundation are selected for all students in the first and second grades.

“China Education News”, March 25, 2024, 1st edition 

■ Vigorously promote the spirit of educators · Talk

The national general is happy, and the noble teacher will focus on Fu.On the eve of Teacher’s Day in 2023, General Secretary Xi Jinping wrote to the representatives of outstanding teachers in the country. From six aspects of ideals and beliefs, moral sentiments, educating wisdom, attitude of cultivation, benevolence, and pursuing the pursuit of loveThe spirit encourages teachers across the country to “take the example of educators as an example, vigorously promote the spirit of educators, and keep in mind the original mission of being a party to educate and educate the talents.”General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important discussion is planted in the traditional Chinese traditional teacher’s cultural fertile soil. It contains the clear connotation and cultural characteristics of the times.The guide to the action, providing the direction of the progress of the teachers who support the support of the education power and provided a fundamental follow.We must deeply grasp the core essence and conscientiously implement it in the construction of the teacher team.

Forging “Ming Dao Channel” master of soul -casting soul

“Teacher, so preaching to teach confusion.” As a teacher, preaching first must first understand and channel.The “Tao” of teachers in the new era and the “Tao” of Yingxin must be Marxist beliefs, the common ideals of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and the great ideal of communism, and the core values of socialism. This is also the “great virtue that General Secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly mentioned”” “.General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasized that it is necessary to adhere to educators to be educated first, and strive to become a communicationman of advanced ideology and culture, a firm supporter of the party ruling, and better assume the responsibility of students’ healthy growth instructors and leaders.As a “preacher”, teachers can use their ideals to ignite the ideals of students with their ideals and to lead their beliefs with their own ideals.Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era are contemporary Chinese Marxism and Marxism in the 21st century. It is a guide to the people of the whole party and the whole country to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.Tianjin is a comprehensive reform pilot zone of the “Da Si Political Class” construction of the country. It is necessary to guide the majority of teachers to be “the big of the country”, take the service party, the country, and the people as the highest pursuit, and persistently use Xi Jinping’s new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics in the new era.The soul -casting people, inherited Mr. Zhang Boling’s “Patriotic Three Questions” generation, and built the foundation of a strong country with a high sense of social responsibility and a deep patriotic sentiment.

Forging for the exemplary division of “Lide Bowing”

Teacher, model of man, one day as a teacher, a model for a lifetime.General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: “Teachers must become a mirror for students to be human, lead by example, take the lead, and win students’ admiration with noble personality charm.There are very few occupations as strict requirements like teachers, and few groups can have a profound impact on students’ thoughts and behaviors like teachers.A large number of educators such as Zhang Boling, Yan Fan Sun, Zhao Tianlin, and Zhang Boli emerged in Tianjin.They are not only the spreaders of knowledge, but also the spiritual influencers, personality influencers and moral practitioners.Tianjin must adhere to the first standard of teacher morality and style, start with details, implement the efforts, grasp the key tasks of building the moral and moral style construction, establish the main foundation of teachers and morals, and constantly stabilize the moral morality styleContinue to a good situation.Improve the teachers’ honor system, continue to carry out the “Jinmen Teachers and Detective Lectures” activities, tell the story of educators to teach and educate people, tell the moving traces of teachers around the example, inspire teachers to see the wisdom, and care with the heart, true feelings, and sincerity.Students use knowledge, knowledge, and knowledge to illuminate the students’ minds, and to buckle the “first buckle” for students, showing the power of example.

Forge a teacher of innovation of “good karma”

“Qi Zhi Run Heart and Education for HP” is the essential requirement of the spirit of educators.General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: “Solid knowledge, excellent teaching ability, diligent teaching attitude, and scientific teaching methods are the basic quality of the teacher, and the knowledge is the fundamental foundation.” Teachers are always in the state of learning and standing at the forefront of knowledge development., Le Sihan, study hard, continuously enrich, expand, and improve yourself, so that you can be worthy of the title of teacher.In the new era, Tianjin should take the goal of improving the wisdom of teachers to educate people, overall improvement of the level of running schools in teachers, supporting high -level comprehensive universities to carry out teachers’ education, and in -depth implementation of the “Future Education Action Plan”, “Jinmen Sanjie”, “Excellent Teacher TeacherThe “plan” and other series of training training programs, promote the organic integration of digital technology and education and teaching, and promote lifelong learning and professional development of teachers.It is necessary to deepen the reform and evaluation reform of teachers, implement in -depth teaching results cultivation projects, guide the majority of teachers to be a practitioner with research ability, deeply cultivate teaching materials, deeply cultivate classrooms, actively explore the teaching concepts and methods, and actively learn from all the excellent civilized results created by human beings., “Mr. Big” who is unified in theory and practice.

Forging “vibrant” strong country teacher

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: “The competition in the world today is a talent competition and education competition. We must pay more attention to the cultivation of talents, and pay more attention to the cultivation of scientific spirit, innovation ability, and critical thinking.” At present and in the future, Tianjin wantsCarefully study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s inspection of the important speech of Tianjin, practice the important requirements of “four good achievements”, and transform the attention and attention of the Party Central Committee into a pragmatic measure to accelerate the construction of the teachers.It is necessary to strengthen the role of higher education leaders, in -depth implementation of the actions of talents in science and education, and deepen the comprehensive reform of educational science and technology talents, build national strategic scientific and technological power, support the growth of young teachers, guide college teachers to write the paper on the land of Jingu, do feelings, “Mr. Big” with a pattern, ability, and contribution.It is necessary to promote the reform of the construction of a modern vocational education system, establish an integrated training system for the “master of craftsmen”, improve the school -enterprise “co -employment and co -education”, “amphibious” to attract human mechanisms, cultivate the skills of skills inheritance, and promote the skills of inheritance.Teachers take the initiative to become the leader and demonstrator of the spirit of craftsmanship.It is necessary to consolidate the basic education base points, adapt to changes in the school -age population, stabilize the comprehensive reform of teachers in primary and secondary schools, comprehensive jobs, and post -job reforms, optimize teacher resource allocation and team structure, ensure teachers’ treatment in accordance with the law, effectively reduce the burden of teachers, provide good in the cultivation of the spirit of the educator spirit.The environment creates room for development for educators.

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