Prospective technology meets the challenge spirit, test drive Range Rover sports version

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As a million -level SUV, (|) has always represents the final interpretation of luxury movements, and it can also represent the elegant insights of the British for 100 years. It is not only a transportation tool, but also a lifestyle, A symbol of status.

Now the new generation (|) sports version has also officially arrived. At the same time as inheriting the Range Rover family DNA, a large number of forward -looking technology has been introduced. So can this car push Jaguar Land Rover’s luxury sports attributes to a new height?Lets come look.

It’s natural, with a magnificent appearance

In the previous impression, the Range Rover family, as the flagship model, has always been wild sports and solemn and noble, while the overall shape of the new generation of Range Rover Sports has further strengthened these characteristics.

The overall inheritance of the appearance design of the Range Rover family, the front face innovatively adopts a three -layer grille, which not only highlights the sense of hierarchy, but also can effectively improve the area of air collision and air intake efficiency.The strong night lighting effect, the X -shaped bumper embedded in decorative strips and fog lights, and the entire vehicle surrounded the large -scale body of the same color design, which pays more attention to the luxury sports style.

This car also has a smoother place for excessive shaping between the lights, bumpers, and hoods.The water -cut and hidden door handles create a stronger integrity. In addition, bright black columns, suspended roofs, double shark fins antenna, and dual exhaust to increase the movement attributes of the entire car to a new height, Also more powerful.

It can be said that the new generation of Range Rover Sports Edition is still obvious compared with the predecessor models, but you can still see that it is a original Land Rover Range Rover. While catering to the development of the times, he has not forgotten the family.Inheritance, this is also one of the unique charm of British luxury brands.

Live for a long time, exquisitely exquisite

If the appearance also has some spiritual totems of the Range Rover family, the changes in the interior are all overwhelmed. The entire cockpit has more digital elements, equipped with a 13.7 -inch high -definition digital instrument and HUD head -up display.Curved touch screen, built -in new Incontrol OS 2.0 information entertainment system, which uses a new menu hierarchical design, which can achieve 90% of common functions at least two steps. The function is not only equipped with the two sets of mobile phone interconnection systems of CarPlay and CarLife, but alsoWith rich third -party apps and support SOTA software online upgrades, you can enjoy the latest wandering intelligent experience at any time.

As for the other aspects of the interior, it continues to create a full luxury. A large number of Materials of Windsor and semi -aniline luxury leather are applied, and a variety of interior theme color options are provided.The steering wheel is also inlaid with moonlight chromium decorations, which can be called the finishing touch of the luxurious sports atmosphere.

The front row (|) seats are equipped with 22 electric adjustments, as well as heating, ventilation, massage, and flying wing -type headrests. Further optimized human -machine engineering science to make the front and rear row feels further.Heights are 4946/2047/1820mm, and the wheelbase is 2997mm. The rear seats also support electric back adjustment and heating and ventilation function. Independent automatic air conditioners in the four districts can also take care of each car occupant in the four districts.Full.

It can be seen that the new Range Rover Sports Edition has a good internal design that integrates tradition with the current trendy fashion elements, and has raised luxury attributes to a new level. As for sports, it is necessary to open up to know.

Being able to be martial arts, calmly

For this large -sized SUV, many friends will feel that it may not have too much driving pleasure, but this is not applicable to the new Land Rover Range Rover Sports Edition.

This test drive is a pure fuel Dynamic SE version, equipped with a maximum power of 294kW (400PS), a peak torque of 550Nm, a 3.0T inline six -cylinder engine, and equipped with a 48V light hybrid system and an 8AT gearbox to promote the quality of this oversupply.The 2.5 -ton big guy can complete 0 100 acceleration in 5.7 seconds.

This also allows you to feel its continuous power reserves at the moment when you step on the accelerator. The acceleration style of a large -displacement multi -cylinder engine is also consistent with the tone of the vehicle, but this does not mean that this one doesThe car is a docile guy. Do not underestimate the all -terrain capabilities of Land Rover’s models.

The new Range Rover Sports Edition is still equipped with a full -time four -wheel drive system and equipped with the second -generation Terrain Response intelligent all -terrain feedback adaptation system. It provides 9 and 1 modes including 5 off -road modes.Models to meet the diversified needs of users.

In terms of chassis, the new car is also equipped with dual valve shock absorbers and intelligent dynamic air suspensions. By analyzing more than 100 parameters such as pavement and driver operation, a number of operations such as the volume of the air spring gas chamber can be used.The dynamic performance and a more stable riding experience have taken into account the characteristics of sports models and luxury cars, but it also has a 281mm departure and 900mm wading depth. ThereforeCan.

It is worth mentioning that the new generation of Range Rover Sports Edition is based on the MLA-FLEX luxury electrification architecture. The body’s stiffness and NVH performance are further optimized. Not only can it effectively suppress tire noise, wind noise, and vibration, Make you more at ease.

At the end

Among the traditional luxury brands, Jaguar Land Rover has been firmly inheriting the brand’s unique DNA, which also makes its products full of distinctive personality and very different positioning. This can still be seen in the new Range Rover Sports version.Come out, it can be said that it is still right in the field of millions of luxury sports SUVs.

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