Liaoning Province will host the first National Fitness Competition

From March 21 to 22, the National Mass Sports Working Conference was held in Qingdao from 2024.The Liaoning Provincial Sports Bureau conducted a conference exchanges with the title of “Cultivating the Top Ten Series of Liaoning” to promote the normal and large -scale development of the National Fitness, and caused heated discussions at the meeting.

There are mountains, water, and sea in Liaoning. The climate is suitable, which is very suitable for national fitness activities.Liaoning people love sports and good at sports. They have excellent sports and fitness soil.In Liaoning, there are more than 3,000 fitness activities at the county or above each year. There are activities in Zhouzhou, Zhou and Moon and the Moon, and the whole year, covering the province throughout the year.

At the beginning of the new year, Liaoning Province held the vertical marathon of “Climbing Liaoning”; in spring, “Dance Liaoning”, “Hiking Liaoning” and “Run Liaoning” event activities;”Ride in Liaoning” and “Trail Liaoning” event; in winter, the “Ice and Snow Liaoning” series of events will be held …

Wang Haiquan, Director of the Group Division of the Provincial Sports Bureau, told reporters: “In recent years, our province has adhered to the” Sports Liaoning ‘Top 10 All -Fitness Series Brand Activities, and strives to promote the normalization, quality, and large -scale development of the whole people.Fitness integrates into the beautiful life of the people of Liaoning. “

According to statistics, the number of people often participating in physical exercise in Liaoning Province accounted for 46.49%, and the overall qualification rate of national physical fitness measurement reached 91.57%.Both numbers are exceeded the national average and lead the country.

According to Wang Haiquan, the theme of the National Mass Sports Work Conference is very clear, that is, adhere to the people -centered and promote the high -quality development of the mass sports industry.The top priority. “

Wang Haiquan told reporters that national fitness activities have been carried out vigorously across the country and have their own characteristics. “One of the major features of our province is the Top Ten All -People’s Fitness Series Activities of Sports Liaoning ‘.”

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