State Administration of Market Supervision: Promote the source of consumer environment

  China Network Finance March 25th According to WeChat public account of the State Administration of Market Supervision on the 25th, on March 22, the National Market Supervision System Consumer Rights Protection Symposium was held in Beijing.The meeting was thoroughly implemented the spirit of the National Market Supervision Work Conference, summarized the insurance work in 2023, and deployed the key tasks of 2024.

  The meeting pointed out that in 2023, the National Consumer Protection Line implemented the decision -making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and the results of various tasks were outstanding.The supply system supply is significantly abundant, the policy dividends are effectively released; assured that consumer creation continues to deepen, the consumer environment construction mechanism has been continuously improved; consumer complaints have been pushed away, and the credit system in the consumer field has achieved significant innovation.Continue to brighten; coordinate the construction of the rules and teams, and the standardization level of grass -roots consumer protection has continued to improve; serving national strategic tasks, and a significant breakthrough in the opening of the public protection system.In 2023, a total of 35.343 million complaints and consultations were accepted, and consumers recovered 4.49 billion yuan in economic losses, and consumer satisfaction continued to increase.

  The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to thoroughly implement the important expositions of General Secretary Jinping, put the consumer environment construction in the policy priority and prominent position; focus on the center of economic construction, closely combine consumer protection and promotion of consumption; adhere to the “supervision as the supervision as the” supervision as the supervision as the supervision as the supervision as the supervision is as the supervision.The “core concept of the people always uses the improvement of people’s livelihood as the starting point and end of consumer protection; coordinate efficiency, fairness, vitality, and order, and promote consumer protection system governance.

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