What are the red -gang raw materials contained in the Xiaolin Pharmaceutical Recall Product?80 % of raw materials for other food manufacturers

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The company’s red -cricket raw materials are used only 20 % in Kobayashi ’s products, and 80 % are provided to other food manufacturers.Other manufacturers currently using the red 的 raw materials supplied by Kobayashi are also investigating and starting the recall.

On March 22, the Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. initiated an independent recall of Chinese consumers on “red -cricket cholesterol granules”, saying that the health food manufactured and sold in Japan received some reports that may cause kidney diseases and other problems after consumption.

“In response to this situation, we analyzed the composition analysis of the products and the red -gang raw materials (self -produced) it used, and found that some of the red -ray materials may contain non -expected components. Some affected products were sold to cross -border channels to sell them to cross -border channels toMainland China. “Kobayashi Pharmaceutical wrote in the recall notice.

These cross -border channels to mainland China include Tmall Xiaolin Pharmaceutical Overseas Flagship Store, Pinduoduo’s official overseas flagship store, and Xiaolin Pharmaceutical Overseas JD State Store.

The company said that the specific nature of the ingredients has not yet been determined, and the correlation with problems such as kidney disease.However, for the purpose of protecting consumer health, it was decided to recall the products related to red 麹 麹 但.”We realize that this is a serious question and will continue to investigate.” The notice said.

In addition to the “Red Tellet cholesterol particles”, Kobayashi also recalled two other products containing relevant ingredients in Japan.On the evening of the 22nd, Kobayashi President Xiaolin Zhanghao held a press conference to bow and apologize for the problem.

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical also said that the company’s red -cricket raw materials were used only 20 % in Kobayashi ’s products, and 80 % were provided to other food manufacturers, including more than 50 food manufacturers in Japan and Taiwan.Other manufacturers currently using the red 的 raw materials supplied by Kobayashi are also investigating and starting the recall.

On March 24, Japan’s Baojiu Corporation released news that because a wine produced by the company used the red raw material provided by the small pharmaceutical company, it decided to independently recycle about 96,000 bottles of the product.However, there is no health damage report related to the product.

Red 麹 ingredients are a kind of red curved rice, which is formed by the parasitic of red mold on white rice.The use of red and red songs in my country has a history of thousands of years.According to the article “Natural Lipolar reduction drugs -Red Song” published on February 29 this year, Red Song, as the ancestor of his lipid -lowering drugs, has long been used as traditional Chinese medicine in my country.According to the verification, the edible records of Hongqu were first seen in the “Wastel Bone” of the “Clear Records” written by the Five Dynasties Tao Gu: “Boil the meat with red songs, tightly roll, stone town, and penetrate the bone of wine.Paper thin, but in advance. “The medicinal records of Red Songs, the earliest “Daily Materia Medica” written by Wu Rui, who were the earliest in the Yuan Dynasty: “Red song brews, breaking blood for medicine, killing mountains and turmoil, and treating wounds.”

In 1979, a Japanese biochemist, Professor Yuito Zhang separated from the red mold, a active substance named “Monacon K”, which is the sameEssence

In 1985, American doctors Michael Brown and Joseph Goddin found the mechanism of “Monakin K” to suppress cholesterol synthesis, and therefore won the Nobel Prize in 1985.Since then, Red Song has become the focus of world attention.

According to an article published by the Mayo Clinic website in 2022, research on the use of Red Quomi under specific conditions shows that the red curl rice containing a large amount of Monacron K can reduce the total cholesterol in the bloodLevel, low -density lipoprotein (LDL or “bad lipoprotein”) cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels.

However, the agency proposes that although this supplement is often considered safe, it may have the same potential side effects as his cholesterol drugs.For example, an earlier study has attracted people’s attention, that is, some red -song rice products contain a pollutant called orangein, which may cause renal failure.However, after analyzing 14 kinds of red curved rice dietary supplements at the time, it was not found in any of the supplements.

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