"Sunshine Action", create a new training and new environment!

Original title: “Sunshine Action”, create a new training and new environment!

Planning | Luo Longlin, Lu Jingbin, Chen Hui

Text | Xiao Minghui, Yang Wenbin, Zhao Yuheng, Li Shuoyuan

Picture | Huang Ziyi, Wang Yu, Luo Jide, Zhang Hao

The wind is clear, the spirit is right

For a few days

73rd Army Recruel Regiment

Continue to consolidate the “Sunshine Action” of the Group Army

Promote the normalization of Sunshine Military Camp construction

Carry out nine activities

Multiple measures to improve

New training cadres’ backbone psychological work ability

Create a united friendship for new training work

Harmonious and pure internal environment

Concentrated mobilization

atmosphereBuild a relationship with people’s hearts

A good environment with a righteousness

Not only is it conducive to improving the enthusiasm of the training of the recruits

More conducive to strengthening them

The ideals and convictions of the country of the country


The recruit regiment launched from top to bottom

Mobilize the backbone of all new training cadres

Participate in active initiative

Effectively talk about the pure atmosphere and close relationship

Important significance and connotation of the times

Talk about the phenomenon of privileges and the bad habits of the soldiers

Serious harm of vulgar communication

Concentrated learning

The word “learn” is the head, the theory first goes first

To make the pulse of quasi -atmosphere construction

It is important to have “dry goods” in the brain

After mobilization

The recruit regiment specifically organizes the backbone of new training cadres

Learn the list of problem lists and preventive measures

Make sure everyone has stocks in their minds, and there is a way in my hands

One case warning

Based on the case of the alarm bell

The New Corps uses political education time

Organize watching warning education films

The purpose of education and guid

Consciously abide by the law

Do not cross the thunder pond, do not press the red line


Her close cooperation and tacit cooperation

Is the magic weapon for the team to win

In order to improve the new backbone psychological response ability

The recruit regiment demonstrates through the “Psychological Behavior Training” demonstration

Cultivate them in daily training

How to help recruits solve bad emotions

Release training pressure

Leaching counseling and training

Bring new to learn to bring “heart”

Professor Zheng Peijun of the Army Artillery Institute of Air Defense

For the new backbone of the new training, talk with recruits daily.

I can’t open, can’t talk, don’t get close, etc.

The answer is difficult to confuse, expand communication and interaction

passCarry out various group auxiliary activities

Translate the classroom learning into practical actions

Guide the new backbone of the new training to be good at being new comrades -in -arms

“Listener” and “Kids”

Analysis and reflection

Four groups invited the group army

Excellent leader of the squad leader came to power

Experience, talk, and teach practices

At the same time, combined with two typical cases

In -depth analysis

List around negative behavior

In contrast to the “privilege phenomenon, bad habits with soldiers

Vulgar communication “and other issues

Carry out criticism and self -criticism

Deeply investigate your own problem

Formulate rectification measures

Discussion at one time

All units around the content of the lectures and

Negative behavior list Organization Exchange Discussion

Fundamental attitude in the problem orientation of the problem

Unify ideas and strengthen the foundation of feelings

One public commitment

“I publicly promise everyone as follows

You must lead the soldiers in accordance with the law … “

As the recruit is about to enter the camp

The recruit group organizes all the new training cadres’ backbone public commitments

Learn the “Ten prohibited” of civilization and troops

Integrity“Ten inaccurate” soldiers and 30 “bad habits with soldiers”

Make the new training backbone tight discipline at all times

Establish a distinctive orientation of integrity and civilization

One -time publicity supervision

The atmosphere is always on the road

To further consolidate the results

Research and improve the grass -roots supervision team in the recruit regiment

Vigorously broaden all kinds of channels

Encourage the backbone of new training cadres to actively participate in supervision

Resolutely fight against violations of laws and discipline

Good atmosphere

It is the foundation for the unity of officers and soldiers

It is also the prerequisite for promoting the combat effectiveness of the army

The party committee of the recruit regiment insists on

Firm determination will

Solid specific measures

Resolutely execution

Work hard to make the new weather become popular

Make sure the construction of the grassroots is clear and clear

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