Safety Education Day National Elementary and Middle and Middle School Students, Chengdu Wenjiang Public Security This "scenario -style" classroom "heart" is even more "heart -to -heart"

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Original Title: Safety Education Day National Education Education Day, Chengdu Wenjiang Public Security This “scenario -style” classroom “heart” is more “heart -to -heart”

Activity site

“Do you know what the ghost probe is?” “Can you see the classmates under the truck?” “Do you think these drug packaging?” … March 25th is the 29th National Elementary and Middle School Student Safety Education Day.The Chengdu Public Security Bureau’s Wenjiang District Bureau organized a number of police schools such as traffic police, patrol police, and anti -drugs to the Jiaxiang Foreign Language School in the jurisdiction, bringing a “scenario -type” safety education course with a new form of novel and rich content to teachers and students.Police dog drills, traffic scenarios, van blind spots experience, simulation drug recognition and other rich and interesting activities have been staged in turns, making students happy and refreshing.

At the beginning of the event, the police dog instructor brought two police dogs to the students the police dog police skills display and poisoning explosion performance. East German Shepherd dog first performed sitting, long -range control, sending material titles for everyone.Take a series of basic skills, and then the instructor and classmates randomly hide the drug bag inside the iron can together, searched by the intelligent Slobe dog, and quickly captured the odor of drugs.Cheering.

Blind truck explanation

In the experience session of the blind area of the big truck, Zhang Ruixi of the fifth grade and seventh class and seventh class played the “big truck driver”. Her classmates were “lurking” passersby around the big truck.Students who were still around the big truck suddenly disappeared into the field of vision before getting on the bus.”,”

On the other side, traffic safety risk scene simulation activities such as “ghost probe”, “opening doors”, “internal wheels” are also staged. The auxiliary police officers played in turn and did not comply with drivers and pedestrians who did not comply with traffic rules and negligence.The thrilling traffic accident scene, and then explained the meticulous and vivid cases of the police, so that the onlookers can truly “see, learn, and understand” various types of traffic safety knowledge, and understand the importance of complying with traffic regulations.

Police dog drill search drugs

In the anti -drug propaganda exhibition area, the police introduced the various common drugs and their appearance characteristics to students by distributed anti -drug propaganda materials and displayed anti -drug simulation samples. With the help of real cases, they introduced various camouflage drugs that are most likely to appear next to students.Essence”It turns out that these milk tea and cola may be a harmful drug, and I will definitely not collect strangers’ things in the future.” During the visit, the students were amazed from time to time, saying that they would cherish life and stay away from drugs.

At the end of the activity, the auxiliary police officers of the Police Crossing Brigade also carried out the training of emergencies for the school’s security team, and explained and drilled the use of emergencies around the use of security equipment and the disposal of the minimum emergency unit.Put a good campus “entrance barrier” and build a peaceful campus.

“Most of our school’s traditional security education model pays attention to the teaching of students’ safety knowledge. In this way, the actual practice and the scenario experience are very useful in both children and teachers.Chen Hongming, deputy director of the Teaching Department of Foreign Language School.

This “traffic police entering the campus” activity fully mobilized the enthusiasm and initiative of children to learn safety knowledge, effectively enhanced the awareness of “knowing dangers and avoiding danger” of primary and secondary school students, and pushed the campus safety education into deeper and implemented.Protect students safely, healthy and happy growth.(The picture is provided by Wenjiang Public Security)

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