It’s amazing!This school uses a grade "detonation" sports meeting to admission

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There is only one grade in a school. Is the sports meeting a bit deserted?
Hangzhou Gao Education Primary School is a new school, currently only 8 classes in the first year.Recently, the school’s Spring 2024 Games was held at the school playground. This is the first sports meeting of the school. Everyone cheered and went all out. The opening ceremony broke the audience.
At the opening ceremony, at the forefront of the team is the national flag guards formed by the representative of Zhejiang Business Vocational and Technical College.Under the blue sky and white clouds, they held the national flag and took a firm and powerful step, walking towards the podium.This is to declare to everyone that we are the hope of the motherland, and we must add color to the national flag and win glory for the motherland.
Following the appearance of the Hangzhou Gaojiao Park Primary School.The elf on the school flag runs confidently on a smart planet.Raising hands and feet highlight the health, creativity, and sunshine of each child in Gao Elementary School.
Subsequently, parents wore a red volunteer service, holding balloons, and walked across the podium.The positive posture and the hot sincerity, showing their desire to grow together with their children.They were enthusiastic, and they were determined to help this game.
The theme of Class 101 is “Aerospace’s great career, vast starry sky”.
Girls cheerleading teams are strong, and every day they dance is filled with longing for the vast starry sky.The boys hold a banner, cleverly fight out the logo of the school badge and the words “approaching science and the sun movement”, and the creativity and faith are intertwined, showing the determination of the new generation of students to join the aerospace industry.Parents held the flag slowly, and the drones rose empty, and they supported the children’s enthusiasm for the exploration of the universe stars.
Class 102 is based on the theme of “Smart Agriculture, Green Technology”.
Class 102 Children’s faces are immature and smiley. In the music of “Everyday Up”, the courage of the newborn calf is not afraid of tigers, and inspires themselves with a higher, faster and stronger spirit.The spirit of hard work was stunned in the chest, and the loud slogans talked about their dreams.Music and dance steps are intertwined, smart technology and green ecology blend in, showing an educational audiovisual feast.
Class 103 is based on the theme of “Chinese Materia Medica, Life Science”.
“Ma Qianzi, Cassia; Cangei, and lotus seeds; yellow medicine, bitter beans …” The dynamic rhythm sang the track “Compendium of Materia Medica” that integrates sports and science.”Compendium of Materia Medica”, a masterpiece of Materia Medica, has an important position in modern medicine, botanical, agronomy and other disciplines with its scientific and practicality.Each child in Class 103 and the bright beats and neat steps are full of vitality and vitality.
The theme of Class 104 is “Tiangong Class, building dream stars”.
The girls in Class 104 danced in the elegant dance skirt like stars in space.The astronauts in the team were particularly noticeable. They held the eight major planet models, as if bringing the mystery of the solar system to the scene.They simulated the movements in the heavy environment, jumping and rotating lightly, as if traveling in space.The performance of Class 104 is like a space adventure. It is both scientific and rigorous and artistic romance, which inspires everyone’s curiosity and exploration of the unknown world.
The theme of Class 105 is “Traveling together, Happy Planet”.
People are small and energetic, and the small astronauts in Class 105 brought a vibrant “Children’s Sky”.They are eager to become astronauts traveling in space, and they are in the small universe in Gao Education in singing and dance.The children’s smiles were like a blooming flower.It can be seen from their calm and exciting expression that they are full of confidence, determine the style, and the level of the game.
Class 106 Theme: Rockets launch, ask the sky.
Under the sky, it is exposed, and it is likely to be fooled.Class 106 children love to explore and work hard.They set out to happiness, expanded scientific wings, and let out the dream of colored.With the launch of the Rockets, every child shows self -confidence in the sound of joy, and they move forward to the scientific and charming world together with the vibrant dance steps.
Class 107: Leap the interstellar, burn the universe.
Class 107 students were wearing a blue and white dance clothes, and when they were converted, they seemed to be a blue galaxy.Four students were dancing and jumping between the astronauts and spacecraft, dancing between the interstellar, like a space interstellar traveler.In the gorgeous bubbles, the small dancers in the 107th class showed us their healthy figure and tenacious sports spirit with a neat and vibrant dance.Finally, they shouted to the sports meeting with their loud slogans, and burst the scene.
Class 108: Looking up at the starry sky and sticking to the dream.
Dream is a seed, germinated in the initial exploration.I believe that every child has a aerospace dream when looking up at the starry sky on a silent night.Class 108 Children in the Aerospace clothes, transferred confidence and vitality with a smiley face, conveyed passion and love with notes, jumped out of collaboration and persistence with dance steps, and went to a wonderful “sky trip to the sky” with us.
Chen Lingjie, Vice President of Hangzhou Gao Education Park Primary School, said that the Games will be the display of fitness, the promotion of spirit, and the inheritance of civilization. This year’s admission style is cut in from the perspective of science and education.New journey.
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