Release the "dopamine" of Kasuga!This fun game will be over "burning" ~

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Healthy Spring



In order to enrich the amateur life of medical employees and enhance the cohesion of the team, on the afternoon of May 7, the “Sports and Lottery, Healthy Spring” hosted by the district medical union’s health and health system fun games kicked off in Minhang Cultural Park.A total of 29 units from the district health and health systems participated in this Games, with more than 290 medical employees.

Employees actively participated and worked hard. After fierce competition, 9 participating teams won awards.

The fun sports games are exciting and exciting,

The atmosphere at the scene is cheerful and warm,

Let’s review this unforgettable event together!

Let’s do it

There are many fun things in the sports field

Sports Day / Let’s Do It

The sports meeting has creative and interesting projects such as “Dragon Travel”, “Rolling forward”, “crossing the wall”, “the same way”, “passing the heart”, “walking”, “walking”, and “walking”.These projects not only test the physical fitness of the contestants, but also test the tacit understanding and collaboration between teams.





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Happy sports

Sports Day / Let’s Do It

This fun sports meeting adheres to the principle of “friendship first, the second competition”, integrates openness, comprehensive, interesting and competitive, and enhances the cohesion of the team. It is expected that everyone will bring this cohesion and make progress in the future.

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