The four sports that everyone can do, persist, help everyone to strengthen the body

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Many people are keen on exercising and improving health. In addition to increasing the number of sports training facilities in life, the form of sports is also diversified, serving the needs of many different people, such as some popular endurance sports forms, such as yoga and stretching exercises, Weightlifting, jogging, swimming, etc.However, not everyone is suitable for these types of sports. According to the advice of experts, the most important thing is to determine their own health and understand the nature of the sports, so that they can practice safely and effectively.Essence

here hasFourSmoothy, safe but also effective exercise,You can try itEssence

The first, Pilate

Plati was invented during the First World War and was named after the name of his creator Mr. Joseph Palati.Initially, Pirati was designed for veterans to help them improve the spine and bones after injury and release mental stress.

This is a series of controlled training methods that combine a series of controlled exercises, such as body shaping machines, Wanda chairs, ladder barrels, etc., to help maintain a balanced physique, strong muscles and health.

With the outstanding advantage of this discipline, it is now more widely used and is well known to many celebrities. It can play a role in refreshing and weight loss and bodybuilding.

This exercise focuses on back muscles, which helps us maintain healthy, tighter, and it is not easy to cause spinal injury to prevent diseases such as disc herniation or ligament.The Prate movement has a neutralization between muscles. The rotating movement helps to stretch muscles and increase the balance of the back.Back muscles will be tight, strong, and flexible, and combined with the movement between other muscle areas to minimize back diseases and pain.

The second type:Tai Chi

Studies have shown that meditation is the best way to take care of contacts and health.At the same time, Tai Chi raised meditation to a new level by training the body and mind.

Unlike other forms of exercise, Tai Chi is involved in a series of slow movements, focusing on balance and relieving stress.People of all ages can participate in this exercise.

first,Improve the balance, reduce the risk of falling downEssencePeople over 50 years old are usually higher due to muscle losses caused by osteoporosis and aging.Fortunately, often practicing Taijiquan can improve balance and strengthen legs.Many studies have shown that often practicing Tai Chi for 1 year can reduce the fall rate by 43%.This is particularly important because falling is the main cause of hip injury and fractures over 50 years of age.

besides,Improve heart healthEssenceAccording to a study published in the “American Heart Association Magazine”, practicing Taijiquan for about 6 months can improve the physical activity, weight, and quality of life of coronary arterial diseases.Many other studies have also shown that practicing Taijiquan can help reduce blood pressure, regulate blood sugar, and overcome high cholesterol in the blood.

Third type:Yoga

Yoga is known as one of the practice methods to enhance physical and mental health, which can help everyone improve their lives.

1As well asReduce stress and improve morale

The main goal of yoga is to exercise the strength of the body so that everyone can concentrate their attention for a longer time, and stretching can ensure that the network has a healthy body.

Yoga movements forced people to focus on the movements. Everyone needs to calm down and focus, so as to help reduce stress and improve their spiritual clarity.

2As well asReduce the risk of injury

This is a low impact movement on the body. It can also help prevent damage caused by muscle imbalances.

In addition, yoga is a good way to restore physical balance and symmetry, help people stand firm and improve their posture.

The fourth type:swim

The advantage of swimming is that it is not only a survival skill, but this water movement also has a positive impact on the overall health of the network.

Increase strength: Those who often practice swimming, the muscle strength of the whole body will gradually increase.When immersing in water, you need to coordinate how to exercise with multiple muscle groups together, so that almost all limbs exercise, help to improve strength and endurance.

Improve sleep qualityTheOne of the benefits of swimming for health is that it can help people sleep better at night. In a study of elderly people with insomnia, scientists have found that regular swimming can effectively improve the quality of life and sleep quality.Essence

In addition, the elderly are often easily affected by muscle and bone diseases, so exercises such as jogging or cycling may make them hesitate.However, when swimming, water will help people to maximize the body to support the body, thereby helping everyone’s legs and arms work while avoiding unnecessary damage

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