"Deeply feel the enthusiasm and love of Macau athletes for sports"

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People’s Daily Online, Macau, May 21 (Reporter Fuzi Mei) 2024 World Women’s Volleyball League Macau Station is about to begin, “Silver Entertainment Present -Olympic Women’s Volleyball Champion Wei Qiuyue and Macau athletes talk about sports dreams on the 20th, the Olympic GamesWomen’s volleyball champion, former Chinese women’s queuing, Wei Qiuyue and a number of representatives of Macau sports, volleyball players, outstanding athletes participating in the “Macau Entertainment Group Logging -Own Macau Athletes” series, and members of Yinyu Volleyball Team to share the experience of the game and athletesIn career, encourage Macau athletes to continue to increase their own value, help improve the level of competitive sports in Macau, and promote the construction of Macau’s “sports city”.
The picture shows Wei Qiuyue (fourth from the back row).Organizer Conference
During the event, Wei Qiuyue shared the growth experience, career, champion experience, and the spirit of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, and inspired Macau athletes to adhere to their dreams, exert potential, and surpass themselves with their own experience.In addition, Wei Qiuyue visited the sports competition facilities of the Galaxy Variety Museum and tourism and leisure facilities in the comprehensive resort to experience the charm of Macau’s diverse sports tourism.
“与澳门运动员的交流中,深深感受到他们对体育的热情和热爱,以及从运动中获得的愉悦心情和精神享受。”魏秋月告诉记者,再次来到澳门,卸去了运动员的紧张与Stress, it feels easy, and more deeply appreciates the unique cultural charm and urban vitality of Macau.”As soon as I walked into the Galaxy Variety Museum, it was deeply infected by first -class facilities and atmospheres full of scientific and technological sense, as if it was like the start of the game,” Wei Qiuyue said excitedly. “The effect is very good, which is conducive to the athletes to focus on the competition more, feel the cheer of the audience, and help the game to achieve good results. “
The picture shows Wei Qiuyue visited the Macau Galaxy Variety Museum.Organizer Conference
Speaking of suggestions for sports and athletes in Macau, Wei Qiuyue believes that no matter how much Macau athlete’s competitive ability or building a “city of sports”, more events need to be held to give players the opportunity to accumulate experience and improve the level.Pursue a broader development of the world; let citizens understand and participate in various sports through competitions, create a stronger sports atmosphere for cities, and promote sports spirit.”I look forward to more Macau athletes who come to the mainland professional sports team to participate in various leagues in the Mainland to show their love for sports and achieve better results on a wider stage.” Wei Qiuyue said.
Liang Yongtang, coach of the Chinese Macau Volleyball Association, Zhang Haohong, Macau Young Men’s Volleyball Team, Deng Zixin, deputy captain of the women’s volleyball team in Macau, Zhang Zicheng, Macau table tennis player Zhang Zicheng, Macau men’s bowling ball player Li Dewen, Macau karate Guo Jianheng, Yinyu Volleyball team Xu Youjie and Huang Yongru.Exchange activities.

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