The Forbidden City Food and Xinhuanet join hands with the non -genetic inheritance to create a Dragon Boat Festival non -heritage life season

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The Dragon Boat Festival is the first festival in my country to enter the World Intangible Cultural Heritage List. The Forbidden City food has been responsible for the development of cultural food gifts. Since the launch of the Forbidden City moon cake gift box in 2016 has been sought after, it has been committed to combining the traditional aesthetics of the oriental oriental. The form of food ritual conveys traditional culture.
In this year, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Forbidden City Food and Xinhuanet together created the Dragon Boat Festival non -heritage life season, inviting three non -genetic inheritors in different fields to serve as the Dragon Boat Festival “non -heritage living officer” to jointly promote the Dragon Boat Festival culture.
, Continuing the oriental aesthetics, see the Dragon Boat Festival non -heritage
The theme of the Forbidden City’s food is “Skills of Wanan Baiwei Oriental”, inspired by cultural relics in the Palace Museum, and presents four Dragon Boat Festival gifts -Longteng Ruiyang, Fan Qiang Qingfeng, Silk Wanan, and wrapped in painting.They respectively interpret the tradition of Dragon Boat, Emperor’s Gives, Emperor’s Fan, Macrlastic Silk, and Watching the Dragon Boat Festival of the Ming and Qing Dynasties.
Longteng Ruiyang
The design of the gift box is inspired by the “Dragon Boat Bidding Picture” volume of the Yuan Dynasty.
In addition to being widely prevailed throughout the country, the “Dragon Boat Crossing” is also one of the traditional projects of the Dragon Boat Festival of the Ming and Qing Dynasties.Zhongtang Town is the hometown of national non -legacy dragon boat production skills, and has a number of inheritors such as Feng Peichao, a non -genetic inheritor in Guangdong.Based on the dragon’s dragon boat characteristics, the dragon boat is combined with the “Dragon Boat Bid Map” volume of the dragon head style.
Binding breeze
Continuing the design of last year, inspired by the Qing Dynasty yarn, the silk peach trees, the crane map surface of the ebony carving handle fan, interpreting the traditional and Qing court emperor’s gift fans, Zhi Taoxian crane fan surface, which means that Fushou is long.
Suzhou Municipal Intangible Cultural Heritage Project Su Fan Production Skills (Silk Palace Fan Production Skills) representative inheritor Sheng Chun has successfully re -re -re -re -re -reinstated the Fan of the Palace Museum in 2013.This year, with the opportunity to attract the breeze of the fan, Mr. Sheng Chun talked the classic again, creating a fan to attract the custom group fan, and used non -heritage skills to show the style of the museum and the Dragon Boat Festival.
Silk Wanan
The design was inspired by the Qing Dynasty Caihuiji Dabao case. It interpreted the colorful silk tradition of the Dragon Boat Festival.
As the representative inheritor of the Tianjin Municipal Intangible Cultural Heritage Project Qiaomei Red Make -up Rope Art, Teacher Lu Min continues the concept of Silk Wanan, take five -color rope as the raw material, and use exquisite and small knots to connect series to connect series.The popular gourd pattern inside and outside the court has also been auspicious prayer that the Chinese people have always been unchanged for thousands of years, and presented in the eyes with “Dragon Boat Festival”.
Cultural food ceremony, join hands with non -heritage, and live tradition
Food culture is an indispensable part of traditional Chinese culture. The Forbidden City food has always been committed to expanding the contact and experience of consumers through the way of food gifts, and the essence of traditional Chinese culture.
Whether it is the Dragon Boat Festival customs or non -heritage culture, it is not the history of ancient bombs. They are one of the forms of life, but they are only from the distance between us and history.
Popularity is protection, and use is also inherited.In the “non -heritage life season”, the three inheritors used the Dragon Boat Festival gift box as the creative inspiration, using non -heritage skills to reproduce the inheritance and charm of traditional festivals, so that the techniques of dragon boat production, Su fan production, and rope production can be broken throughThe hindrance of time has entered the lives of millions of people with the lively and noisy Dragon Boat Festival.
(Source: Forbidden City Food)

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