What is a duration of food.Is it really safe for food?

Food food refers to products that are about to reach the shelf life of the product, but are still in the shelf life.With frugality and saving many citizens are willing to accept future foods, today’s Shipping Sang will take a look at cheap prices to make such products a sought -after goods?

The clerk told Link Sang that consumers who knew nothing about the session food and did not have the habit of buying were also changing quietly.It only expired in about half a year.Because it is fast -moving consumer goods, the price is very cheap, and it can be sold quickly as soon as it is put on the shelves.During New Year’s Day, the store has about 600 visits per day.It is also very popular with the elderly.

Link Sang found that in the past two years, more and more facing food stores have also set up a large amount of rice noodles in the “Clear Warehouse Discount Area” in the “Clear Press Discount Area” of Temporary Food discount areas.

However, there are also some consumers worrying about the quality of future foods.Relevant experts said that shelf life food refers to foods that are still in the shelf life.According to relevant regulations, as long as the temporary food is a qualified product of regular manufacturers, it can be legally sold.Citizens can buy with confidence.At the same time, consumers are also reminded that for the time of food food, do not buy too much at a time. When buying, pay attention to whether the product meets the storage conditions specified in the label and eat it in time according to the shelf life.

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