Ximai Food released the 2023 annual report, and the product channel two -wheel drive high growth

On April 26, Ximai Food released an annual report of 2023. In 2023, revenue was 1.578 billion yuan, an increase of 18.89%year -on -year, and net profit was 115 million yuan, an increase of 6.08%year -on -year.

According to the financial report, the operating income of Ximai Food has continued to grow since its listing in 2019, with a compound annual growth rate of exceeding 10%, and the growth center continues to move upwards.In the past year, consumer demand has not been released from expected, Ximai Food has shown a momentum of high growth in the trend.

Online and offline omni -channel matrix market share has increased for three consecutive years

Ximai Food’s 2023 Annual Report shows that the company has always attached great importance to the construction of marketing channels. Offline is combined with direct operations with distribution, and cooperation with large merchants has established a good brand image and market reputation.After years of operation, Ximai Food has established a huge and efficient dealer network. The products are covered with medium -sized supermarkets, small supermarkets, convenience stores, wholesale markets, and other channels to form a multi -level, wide coverage, high -efficiency three -dimensional offline marketingNetwork system.This system can quickly cope with market changes, making the sales scale of Ximai Foods stable in the industry.According to data from the national chain store supermarket information network, when the sales of large supermarkets nationwide declined year -on -year, the company has achieved adversity growth in the channel.

Based on the mature national offline terminal sales network, Ximai Food also strengthens the layout of e -commerce channels, optimizes product structure, and actively expands young consumer groups.Today, the e -commerce channels of Ximai Foods have covered B2C platforms such as Tmall and JD.com, B2B platforms such as Xixitong and Ali Retails, and interest e -commerce platforms such as Douyin, Kuaishou, and Xiaohongshu.The annual report shows that Simai continues to keep online oats on the mainstream e -commerce platform.

At the same time, Ximai Food is also constantly exploring and deploying innovative channels, such as snack channels, community group purchases, live broadcasts and goods, B2B, O2O, etc. These new channels have continued to make efforts in the past year, of which offline snack channels have increased by more than year -on -year increases exceeding more180%.

According to the authoritative market research company, Nielsen shows that Ximai Food continues to maintain the leading position of Chinese oats and grains. The overall market share exceeds 20%. The offline and online market share has increased for three consecutive years. The offline market share has increased to 25%.Raise 2.7 percentage points.Offline and online sales rankings are the first in the industry. The market has a solid status and has further expanded its leading advantages.In 2023, Douyin Platform Rinseng Micotida’s market share was the first. GMV sales exceeded 300 million yuan, an increase of more than 70%year -on -year.Two shops; West wheat food oatmeal products have first surpassed competing products on Jingdong platform GMV, becoming the first brand of the platform of the platform of the platform.

As a benchmark brand in the Chinese oatmeal industry, Ximai Food has gradually established influence and brand awareness in overseas markets. It has been selected as “the world’s number one Chinese oatmeal grain brand” for four consecutive years.On this basis, the company’s overseas business exploration has made significant progress in the past year. At present, it has distributed distribution in more than ten countries and regions such as the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Italy, Dubai, and Dubai.Merchants have established cooperative relationships.

Star product force power brand influence expands

People attach importance to health and the upgrade of consumer structure, so that the value of oats as healthy foods is widely recognized. Consumption is not limited to middle -aged and elderly groups.The diversified needs of taste texture and other aspects.In the past year, Ximai Food is guided by market demand and focused on the development, production and sales of healthy grain food represented by oats.Knowing, continue to promote brand upgrades.

The financial report shows that Ximai Food actively carries out the research and testing of oat varieties and nutritional components. With the help of big data analysis and literature search, it shows the company’s core differentiated competitive advantage, and further consolidates the market position of Ximai Food in the hot oat field.In addition, Ximai Food actively promoted the research on the “combination of food and nourishment” projects, replacing some ordinary exquisite grains as a staple food with oatmeal miscellaneous grain products, promoting the research on the management of cardiovascular health, and fully verifying the health improvement effect of oat products.According to the 2023 annual report, last year Ximai Food R & D investment increased by nearly 30%year -on -year.Under the strategy of focusing on the large single product, the annual sales of pure oatmeal exceeded 600 million yuan, and star products such as organic, milk, oats, oats+series have also steadily increased. Oat+series increased by more than 30%year -on -year.

It is worth noting that Ximai Food has launched probiotic protein powder based on consumer demand for healthy products. These new products marked that Ximai Foods entered the field of great health, which continued to increase customer base span and consumption viscosity, enriching the West to the WestCategory of wheat food products.In 2023, powder products increased by more than 80%year -on -year. Probiotic protein powder was listed for only 4 months, and sales had exceeded 10 million yuan.

The annual report shows that in 2024 Ximai Food will continue to continue to innovate in products, not only to further consolidate the market position of oatmeal as its core items, but also expand the scale of composite and leisure snack products.The penetration rate of various channels.

Innovation and stable business strategies adhere to the layout of the entire industrial chain

The inverse growth of Ximai Food in 2023 originated from enterprises’ innovation and stable business strategies over the years, as well as the strategic layout of the entire industrial chain.

In terms of offline channel operations, according to the characteristics of different channels, refined operations, focusing on the development of snack channels, etc., to activate the sales potential of various channels; at the same time, regional improvement results have been improved. Through continuous cultivationAmong them, there are 28 new counties, 6 new cities, and 6 newly added provinces.These channels innovation has broaden the sales channels of existing products. At the same time, with the help of product innovation, it has improved the penetration rate of existing channels and achieved cooperative innovation of product channels.

As the only A -share listed company in the Chinese oat industry, Ximai Food, through the strategic layout of the global oatmeal area and the construction of the four major domestic production and development bases, has enabled them to gain advantages in quality and cost control.Efficient supply chain management has realized the synergy and information sharing of all aspects of the industry chain.From breeding, planting to processing, and sales of Ximai Food, every aspect of the product is involved in the whole process, it ensures strong control in R & D, production, and sales.solid foundation.

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