Exercise is the source of all life. I exercise and I am healthy

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Exercise is the source of all life.Italian artist Da Vinci.

Life is movement.Many times, we all know the need for exercise, but there are very little action.

No matter what you are, you must refuse to exercise, but you always know that no reason is that there is no important health.

1. Develop sports and enhance people’s physique — a great man said

Exercise can exercise muscles, make the bones harder, and cannot be prone to osteoporosis; exercise can improve lung function, especially the lung capacity will be very good; exercise can accelerate the metabolism in the body and promote the discharge of waste; exercise can enhance physical fitness, improve the body’s immunityforce.

Sometimes we say that there is no time, too tired, no energy, no good venues, and various reasons do not want to exercise.

But you don’t know how long it takes when you go to the hospital to line up to see a doctor.

When you are tortured by illness, you need how much energy, mind, and financial resources.

When you lie on the sick bed to take an injection and take medicine, uncomfortableofThinking for a few days to be good!

Indeed, exercise is not a cricket for cure for all diseases, not a panacea.But most people who like sports have healthier body and stronger physique, and even have a better mentality.If you do n’t love sports, it is often easy to ignore by us, and even you will pay a huge price for this.

Second, I like walking in my life, and exercise has brought me endless fun.Einstein.

Exercise not only plays a role in exercising, but also makes your mood happily, allowing you to have more happiness and healing power.

Studies have confirmed that exercise can secrete dopamine in the brain, and dopamine can not only improve emotions and happiness, but also start the attention system, thereby having a sense of satisfaction after success and a sense of control over life.

China’s mental health survey shows that the prevalence of adult depression disorders in my country is 6.8%, of which depression is 3.4%, and postpartum depression has received widespread attention from society.The depressed people silently bear psychological pressure and torture, unsolved, unprepared.The exercise can provide them with an exit of venting and become a good recipe for healing.

Exercise does not help us solve the problems that we encounter, but it can help you adjust your state, allowing you to have a more positive and optimistic mentality to face the storms and rain in life.

Third, physical exercise can not only develop the beauty of the body and the harmony of the movement, but also form a person’s personality and exercise the willpower of people.Suhomlinsky.

When you start to run every day, sometimes you really don’t want to move, and you can force yourself to run, you will find that although your body is tired, your heart is cheering and jumping.It will be found that the unhappy things are left behind in running.

People with more exercise will become more and more confident as they become better.At the same time, in the movement of self -break through the self, he becomes a challenge and loves life.

Do you find that those who love sports seem to be more optimistic.They rarely worry about why they are troubled, and they rarely fall into the trough of emotions.

Those who have been exercising for a long time have gradually become smarter, and unknowingly, they have opened the gap with others.

Try to exercise repeatedly, you can always realize the many benefits that exercise brings to yourself.

Fourth, if you want to be strong, run! If you want to be fit, run!If you want to be smart, run!

You think that the sports will be tired, you can sit still for a long time and will be more tired.

Thinking that the cost of exercise is time, you will spend more time.

I think that exercise is not anxious and can be slowly, but I will not give you time to prepare when the disease comes.

So, don’t hesitate, don’t wait, move it!

Find a movement you like and persist.

If exercise is not a happy thing for you, then you must not be able to proceed for a long time.

So, try to find, you like and suitable for your movement.There is no need to compare the length of exercise with others, and it is not necessary to be slower than the exercise with others, let alone the intensity of exercise compared with others.

Even if the new crown epidemic, even if it is downstairs, in the community, at home.You only need to persist in exercise every day for half an hour a day. For a long time, you will naturally have unexpected gains.

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