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“It really doesn’t hurt, I want to go down the stairs to try it.” On April 25th, Wu Hui was restarting the Heart Power Sports Medical Rehabilitation Clinic in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province.His adjustment has improved significantly.
Wu Hui from Taiwan, China, serves as a physical therapist in Nanjing, serving special athletes and clinic patients in Jiangsu Province, and is committed to providing physical therapy and sports rehabilitation services.
During the work, Wu Hui met many cases that impressed him.A judo player, his head on the ground in training, causing serious injuries around his neck and unable to lift his hands.After inspection by Dr. Wu, he found that there was a problem with neurological channels on his neck. After treatment, the pain and numbness of the players were quickly eliminated, and now they have become a judo coach.
“Some monitoring items can be achieved through mobile video, and there are also training equipment designated by the national team that can objectively evaluate the muscle strength, sports endurance and movement strength of the athletes through numerical analysis to provide data support for the rehabilitation process.”It is said that with the development of technology, there are many high -tech treatment projects. For example, wearable devices are also an effective motion monitoring tool. By monitoring the movement of bone joints and action reactions, it can help injured patients to quickly recover the normal movement mode.Essence
In addition to physical recovery, psychological factors also affect the performance of athletes in the game.The pain and injury before will make the athletes feel that the movement cannot be done in the next subconscious.Wu Huili said that physics therapists need to give athletes some psychological support during the recovery process to help them restore confidence and dare to perform in exercise.
“Now the country is advocating big health projects. Big health is nothing more than personal physical fitness and healthy movements.” Wu Hui was confident in the industry’s prospects. “I believe in the track of sports rehabilitation.Exercise prevention and physical improvement have good auxiliary effects. “
Workers’ Daily Client reporter Liu Jinmeng
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