Focus interview: New "food" of catering still consumes new "taste"

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CCTV News(Focus interview): my country is a large food and cultural country. There are many local foods with local characteristics “famous dishes”, “famous snacks”, “famous chefs” and “famous shops”. Consumers also like to follow “Raiders”, recognize Facing the “brand” and enjoy the deliciousness of the authenticity.So how to better develop catering brands and enhance the development momentum of the catering industry?How to promote the high -quality development of the entire catering industry?Not long ago, 9 departments including the Ministry of Commerce issued the “Guiding Opinions on Promoting the High -quality Development of the Catering Industry” and put forward 22 specific policies and measures.
Last year, my country’s catering revenue reached 529 trillion yuan, with more than 6 million operators, more than 20 million employees, and accounted for more than 11%of the total retail sales of consumer goods.Promoting the high -quality development of the catering industry can better give play to the important role of the catering industry in expanding consumption, stabilizing employment, ensuring people’s livelihood, and inheritance to carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture.
Wuhan Dream Times is the world’s largest pure commercial business. It integrates many formats in business, culture, tourism, and sports. The average daily passenger flow is 100,000. On the ground floor of it, it is a food district that can be immersed in experience.”Chu Feng Han Flavor”.Here, many directions and scenes restore the culture and feelings of the old Wuhan terminal, which is a nostalgic national tide style.
Now, many cities are creating various styles of food blocks, and many neighborhoods will leave consumers who have known each other.For example, such an immersive experience of the old Wuhan national tide style, at the end of 2021, Wuhan opened a family, when it became a new net red card in Wuhan.But the reporter came here again, it was very deserted.
Now you can only see the scene at the time through some pictures on the Internet.It was also an old Wuhan, and it was also an immersive experience. At that time, some netizens posted that they came to pick up the number at 6:1st in the evening, and 1765 people were ranked in front.It has stopped business for more than two years. How to make online celebrities punching in the “Chang Hong” punch place is a problem that many food blocks need to think about.
Many food blocks will not be sought after by consumers soon after opening, because the homogeneity is more serious.How to make your own differentiation and be recognized by consumers is a common topic of many food blocks.In order to make this differentiation, “Chu Feng Hanwei” brought together 21 old names and well -known catering companies in Hubei.
Each old -fashioned and well -known catering companies are local Internet celebrities. A group of net reds settled in the “Chu Feng Hanwei”, which brought different traffic to the “Chu Feng Han”.The average daily sales of almost every old name exceed the stores elsewhere.
Yao Huan, Deputy Director of the Commercial Bureau of Wuchang District, Wuhan City: “The creation of food blocks must be deeply cultivated in a local food culture; adhere to the dislocation development, and then attract different consumer groups.”
The “Guiding Opinions on Promoting the High -quality Development of the Food and drinking industry” issued by the Ministry of Commerce and other 9 departments proposed that it is necessary to cultivate and identify a number of Chinese food districts.To create a food block and create a new scene of consumption, it is actually a new form of innovation consumption and a new format for consumption, thereby enhancing the new value of culture.In this way, consumers can continue to attract consumers and make “net red” into “evergreen”.The Fire Palace of Changsha, Hunan is a hundred -year -old dining name in Changsha. In previous years, it was once troubled by fierce market competition.
In 2014, on the basis of the original authentic Hunan cuisine, the Fire Palace opened the snack kingdom, and brought together more than 300 well -known snacks in Hunan. The business was three years old, and three years later, it started to go downhill.
Tan Fei, general manager of Changsha Fire Palace Co., Ltd. Changsha Fire Palace: “The government’s original puppet was to build a diet distribution center with Changsha characteristic relying on the Fire Palace, and the competition was too fierce. We are the pioneers. Everyone has stared at us.The product is not available around two days. “
In recent years, Changsha has become the “Internet celebrity” of the national cultural tourism market with its unique landscape and humanistic environment. The “Top Ten Tourism City” is a popular tourist destination for young people.The continuous young traffic has promoted the prosperity of Changsha’s catering industry.While consumers can buy snacks on the street while strolling, the passenger flow of the fire palace is quickly lost.
How to attract young people to pick up the fire palace, so that the operators of the fire palace spent a lot of thoughts.In the production of snacks, the fire palace has been repeatedly tested to make traditional stinky tofu, sugar oil, and green onion oil berries more in line with the tastes of young people. At the same time, they are working hard to change their new appearance.
Using the ancient environment of antique and ancient color, we will spend to create a “fire palace light show”; renovate the food environment and integrate more fashion elements; add punching points in stores and courtyards, increase cultural and creative products and services, attract young consumer groups to check in cardConsumption; give full play to the cultural attributes of the old -fashioned name, hold different themes and forms of novel holidays on holidays, cooperate with multiple theater troupes and non -heritage organizations, hold various performances and skills display, and so on.The Fire Palace can be said to have done their best, and the new consumption scenarios have been successful.
The old name wears new clothes, and the new consumption scenario has attracted many young people to check in, and then the young people are pushed.In the Qingming holiday just now, the fire palace received 50,000 tourists, an increase of 28%year -on -year.
Inheritance is not old, the fire palace can be said to be constantly pleasing, catering to the interests of young people and the trend of new consumption.The guidance of the 9 departments proposes to innovate the catering consumption scenario, encourage the development of night catering, casual catering, cultural tourism theme catering, etc., and promote the integration and development of catering and related industries.Fusion is also innovative.
Liu Tao, deputy director of the Market Economy Research Institute of the Development Research Center of the State Council: “The consumption scenario of innovative catering is empowerment through some digital technology, including some cultural injection, forming some combined new formats, and more reflecting this sense of experienceSuch a model “”
In today’s fierce competition in the catering industry, consumers have more choices, and the old name is no longer a “lifelong system.”The reason why reporters are paying attention to these dining old names are because they can best reflect the problems that may be encountered on the high -quality development path of the catering industry. If there is a problem, it needs to break the problem.
Founded in 1927, Luxizhai was a old name in Jinan. It has inherited three generations so far. The main product of the product of pad trotters is the intangible cultural heritage of Shandong Province.
As the old -fashioned name, Luxi Zhai has decades of experience in the master, but it is inevitable that the deviation of time, temperature, and heat will inevitably affect the taste and mood of old customers.If you want to make the old name bigger and stronger, standardization is the most realistic issue in front of him.
With standards, you can introduce and develop fully automatic equipment to ensure quality and output.Soon, Luxi Zhai opened more than 100 stores next to the new and old community in Jinan.The guidance of the 9 departments proposes that technical standards are encouraged to formulate technical standards around key areas such as local cuisine production.Standardization can reduce industry costs, achieve unified stores, stable taste, and sanitary and safe.At present, in many parts of the country, in order to bring food with distinctive regional characteristics out of a county, to the province, and even the whole country, related standards have been formulated.
In recent years, consumers have been full and good in the past, and now their demand for environmental quality and experience value has become higher and higher. The driver of consumer demand is changing to the catering industry.
Liu Tao: “The high -quality development of the catering industry is expanding as the industry scale, while emphasizing more rich and diverse industry structures, continuous improvement in production efficiency, and ultimately evaluation of consumer satisfaction and service quality.”” “
The high -quality development of the catering industry needs to be innovative.The old name is actively seeking changes, and the new forces continue to explore in the market.
Employment was founded in 1993. It focuses on rice dried rice and puts the meat meat. In the process of its own development, it has also gone through many detours and encountered a lot of difficulties.When opening a branch in the early days, prelude to many chain catering, aiming at the popular business district.
How to find your own positioning?I made a lot of attempts. Finally, I found that instead of staring at those tall business districts, it is better to return to the community and serve the residents of the community.
Community cafeteria and people’s kitchen, such positioning must be cheap and delicious in order to have returns.While ensuring the quality of the product, there must be a price of affinity.
Song Yofei, Assistant General Manager of Jinan Premise Xingxing Catering Co., Ltd.: “Superwater Xing Xing pursued the number of customers in these years, rather than staring at the customer unit price., Unified distribution, in this case, we can cooperate with manufacturers with a large -scale advantage, get high -quality products at a relatively suitable price, and then give us consumers at a close price. “
Once the orbit of benign development is performed, the development will be fast. Now, as a civilian cafeteria, which is a civilian price, there are more than 600 branches in Shandong Province. They also walked out of Shandong and opened the branches to Hebei and Beijing.
The introduction of the guidance of the 9 departments this time is aimed at the common problems in the catering industry. The purpose is to serve the actual needs of the masses. Only in this way can we truly promote the high -quality development of the catering industry.
Wang Bo, deputy director of the Department of Service and Trade Department of the Ministry of Commerce: “It is mainly to strengthen brand demonstrations on the basis of strengthening food safety supervision, improve the consumption environment of catering, cultivate a number of catering agglomeration areas, snack industry clusters, optimize the supply of catering services, provide the people with provide the people to provide the people to provide the peopleDiversified choices can make the masses eat more satisfied, more convenient, and better play the important role of the catering industry on benefit people’s livelihood, stabilizing employment, and promoting consumption, and promote high -quality economic development. “
In 2023, the catering industry in my country has obviously recovered, and the national catering income is 5.29 trillion yuan, an increase of 20.4%year -on -year.However, at the same time, the quality and structure of the supply of catering services are still difficult to meet the growing needs of the people’s increasing life. The extensive development methods and weak security foundations still exist.For the high -quality development of the local catering industry, the release of the guidance company for excellent and strengthening catering companies is a good opportunity.It is hoped that through this opportunity, more catering net red becomes “always red”, and also allows consumers to eat more delicious, safer, more fresh and more cultural.
Source: CCTV

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