Real Madrid shifts focus from Mbappe to Haaland and Bonifaz

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Real Madrid’s transfer plans were disrupted this summer, as Kylian Mbappe decided to stay at Paris Saint-Germain. Although Mbappe has been Real Madrid’s long-term target, the club’s executives are reportedly disappointed with his attitude. They have realized that Mbappe is not fit to be the team’s striker, and Real Madrid’s main weakness is that position. Therefore, they have turned their attention to 22-year-old superstar striker Erling Haaland. This is undoubtedly a wise choice, as Haaland is a pure striker, and fits better with Real Madrid’s existing players.

Haaland is one of the most watched young players in soccer, and his talent and potential are praised by many. However, it is not easy to sign Haaland, as Real Madrid faces huge challenges. Manchester City values Haaland very much, and they have prepared a generous salary increase contract, which will raise Haaland’s weekly salary to 550,000 pounds. This makes Real Madrid’s task more difficult, and the competition pressure also increases. But it is worth mentioning that Haaland’s talent and potential make Real Madrid have to compete hard, as he is the most suitable candidate for the striker position, and can provide powerful firepower for the team’s offense.

Because of the difficulty of signing Haaland, Real Madrid cannot expect to sign him for sure. Therefore, they must have a backup plan, and have other targets to fill the gap in the striker position. According to Spanish media DC, Real Madrid is closely watching 22-year-old Leverkusen striker Bonifaz. This is undoubtedly a wise and cautious choice, as Bonifaz is currently performing well, and his performance has attracted the attention of many top clubs.

Bonifaz has little professional experience, but he has shown amazing potential in his short career. After joining Leverkusen, he scored 4 goals and contributed 2 assists in just 3 games, directly participating in 6 goals. This performance made him enter the top of the Bundesliga scorer list, only behind Haaland. Bonifaz, as a super dark horse, was rated by German legend Matthaus as a strong contender for the Bundesliga golden boot this season.

In the transfer market, Bonifaz’s value is relatively low, only about 12 million euros. This means that even if he has a perfect season at Leverkusen, Real Madrid can easily afford his transfer fee. In addition, Real Madrid has an advantage that Leverkusen’s head coach is Spanish coach Alonso, who is a hot candidate to succeed Ancelotti. This also provides some convenience for Real Madrid to sign Bonifaz.

In addition to Bonifaz, Real Madrid is also interested in Leverkusen’s Wirtz and Flinging, who are also the main players of the team. This shows that Real Madrid has started to prepare for the gap in the striker position. No matter who they eventually sign, Real Madrid’s goal is to ensure the stability of the striker position and provide more options for the team’s offense.

Real Madrid shifts focus from Mbappe to Haaland and Bonifaz

Although Mbappe chose to stay at Paris Saint-Germain, this does not mean that he will continue to renew his contract. According to rumors, Mbappe is likely to leave the team after his contract expires and join another club. For this situation, Real Madrid will continue to pay close attention to Mbappe’s movements and participate in negotiations at the appropriate time.

On the one hand, if Mbappe joins Real Madrid as a free agent, it will save the club a huge amount of transfer fees and increase the flexibility of signing players. On the other hand, if Mbappe chooses to renew his contract, then Real Madrid will have to pay a huge amount of transfer fees. However, although the situation is not optimistic, Real Madrid has not given up on pursuing Mbappe. They still hope to successfully sign this world-class forward.

The recent situation shows that Real Madrid’s disappointment with Mbappe is deepening, but this does not mean that they have lost interest in the upcoming transfer window. On the contrary, Real Madrid has clearly realized what the team really needs and has focused on more suitable candidates. Compared with Haaland, Mbappe has worse adaptability in the striker position. Therefore, Real Madrid is adjusting its original transfer plan.

Real Madrid encountered some twists and turns in its transfer plan. Mbappe chose to stay at Paris Saint-Germain and disrupted its transfer strategy. While staying with Mbappe and planning to sign Haaland at the same time, Real Madrid secretly planned a backup plan and paid attention to Bonifaz. Bonifaz impressed with his performance and became a dark horse leading the Bundesliga scorer list. Real Madrid saw his potential and strength and hoped to sign him to fill the gap in the striker position. No matter who they ultimately choose to sign, Real Madrid’s goal is to ensure the team’s offensive firepower and stability. For Mbappe, his future development path is not yet determined, but in any case, Real Madrid still pays attention to him and will intervene in negotiations at the appropriate time. No matter what the final result is, Real Madrid will make the best decision for the team’s development and growth.

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