[Popularization] A healthier way of exercise than walking!Hurry up and practice it when it is warm ~

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Everyone knows that exercise is good for health. Entering spring is a good time to carry out outdoor sports.

However, do you know which kind of exercise is the most beneficial to health?

It’s not walking ~

Low your head for a long time, practice waving exercise!

Earlier, a research article on sports published by the well -known medical journal “Liu Ye Dao” showed that through tracking of 80,000 people for 10 years, researchers found that compared with the research objects that did not participate in the corresponding exercise,The full mortality rate of the auction of the auction was 47%, ranking first in common exercise.

The second place is swimming, and the third place is aerobic exercise.

So why is swinging (badminton, table tennis, tennis, etc.) so powerful?

Medical experts gave the following summary:

1. Walking exercise can stimulate the shoulder muscles and arms, biceps and triceps, and effectively enhance the strength of the shoulder and arms muscles.

2. In the process of rapid movement, the whole body muscles need to be coordinated, especially the leg muscles will be effectively exercised.

3. During the exercise, the brain needs to think quickly and nervous. It has the function of brain health, which can delay the encephalide arteriosclerosis of the elderly and keep them thinking and memory.

4. Eyes staring at the eyes can promote the adjustment of the eyes and accelerate the blood supply and metabolism of the eyeball tissue.

5. In addition, in the process of looking up and swinging the rackets again and again, the stiff shoulders and necks that have long -term heads and entertainment will also be exercised.

6. At least 2 people are required to participate in the swing exercise, which helps to establish a healthy social relationship.

Before swing, make 4 preparations

01 Warm up

It is recommended to fully warm up before exercise, allowing the body to adapt to this feeling of accelerating blood flow and muscle extension, and then gradually strengthen the intensity of exercise. After training, it is necessary to make full stretching and recovery.

Preparation activities should not be less than 10 minutes.

Jogging, leg pressing, rubbing the joints, and stretching muscles in each part are common methods.

Pay attention to the action specification during exercise.

Relaxed the whole body before receiving the ball, driving the small arm, and then driving the fingers and wrists to knock out the ball hard. Don’t slap your arms.

The relaxation time should not be less than 20 minutes.

You can relax each other, or relax them by themselves, relax the legs and arms muscles by pressing, stepping on, throwing, and so on.

02 Select the right equipment

The racket is a must -have equipment for shooting. For beginners, try to choose a racket with a lighter weight.

The racket used by ladies weighs between 270 and 280 grams, and men are between 300 and 315 grams, which is usually more appropriate.

For badminton rackets or tennis rackets, the network cable should not be adjusted too tightly. It is advisable to play the ball back, and it is advisable to have too much shock when hitting the ball.

03 Control exercise time

Although the exercise is good, it must control the time.

Generally speaking, swinging sports do not need to practice every day, 3 to 5 days a week, the greatest benefits of health once a day.

In terms of time length, the best time for each exercise can be between 45 and 60 minutes.

Less than or beyond the above -mentioned exercise frequency and time, it may have a negative effect on health.

04 Control exercise intensity

Middle -aged and elderly group movement is more inclined to fitness. It is better to sweat slightly when performing shooting. After exercise, you should feel relaxed and comfortable.

For the elderly, it is advisable to stretch your body and mind. When playing, you must defend more defense and less deductions, let alone to save the ball too much to avoid damage.

More importantly, the main purpose of exercise is to benefit the body and mind. When playing in the middle and elderly people, do not anger or blindly increase the strength of the exercise when playing.


The swing movement has the requirements of the body structure. If your shoulder and elbow joint, the knee joint have been severely damaged, or suffer from lumbar disc herniation and spinal stenosis, it is recommended to reduce the swing movement and avoid increasing joint damage.

It is not advisable to swing exercises with cardiopulmonary disease, rotor cuff damage, osteoporosis, and severe spine bending.

Before exercising, some middle -aged and elderly people with basic diseases are best to conduct pre -exercise examinations and tests under the guidance of a doctor to ensure the safety of exercise.

Data: Health China

Edit: Gao Qin

Responsible editor: Yan Wenbin

*Reprinted, please indicate from “Shanghai Changning”

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